Pepper Pork Belly Strips Recipe – the “Crispiest Juiciest” Method Around

Pepper Pork Belly Ingredients

I love the way Pork Belly Strips fry up so I went on a mission to create the crunchiest version for my hungry carnivore friends with some pepper to taste. Be warned this a very simple recipe but it’s advised that you grab a pan with a lid or some sort of guard because this … Read more

Authentic Pork Carnitas Slow Cooker Recipe – “Tender Mexican” – Easy To Make!

Pork Carnitas Plate

This Authentic Pork Carnitas is a slow cooker shredded meat recipe from Mexico. When traveling through Mexico, tender shredded pork carnitas was one of my favorites to buy from the street markets pulled fresh from the cooker. Typically there would be a large pot of pork carnitas meat next to a grill. When a customer ordered … Read more

Texan Pulled Pork Burgers – “Mouthwatering” Texas BBQ Flavored Slow Cooker Recipe

Juicy Pulled Pork Burger Slow Cooker Recipe Delish!

I love suckling pig and charcoal BBQ pork with a tasty rub, but this mouthwatering Texan style pulled pork burger recipe is by far the easiest. I love crackle, pork belly, BBQ pork ribs, Char Sui Pork, pork buns, pork dumplings. I just love PORK! This recipe includes some “special” ingredients that might surprise you. We use Coca … Read more

Perfect Pigs in a Blanket – Hotdogs

Pigs in a Blanket - Hotdogs

I make these cute little hotdogs, or Pigs in a Blanket, every few weeks for the children and they always work well. This time, when I want to feature and photograph the little buggers they come out looking irregular shaped and boxy! Rest assured I remade and rephotographed them, but here are some less than … Read more

Leftover Picadillo Cannelloni (No Bake)

PIN ME - Leftover Picadillo Cannelloni - 3

I opened the fridge the other day to discover there’s a full container of frozen picadillo. I have not been eating a large amount of meats for the last few months now, plus a surfeit of this ground beef/potato dish to consume for days called for a need to “innovate” a bit. Bhing had a brilliant … Read more

Easy Pork Adobo with Creamy Mashed Potato

Easy Pork Adobo - Forked

I have to share the delicious Easy Pork Adobo Recipe with our readers! It’s a very popular Filipino dish, so as a courtesy I am sharing this dish with the Gourmet Getaways readers. I have also learned that Masterchef contestant John Carasig from the Philippines has made a Chicken Adobo on the show. While in Australia, I … Read more

Filipino Style Callos – Slow Cooked Stew


Filipino style Callos. Never heard of it? Me neither. Callos is a stew that originated in Spain, it can be made with beef, tripe, blood sausage and chick peas. This dish includes tripe, ox knuckle, bacon and chorizo. Today’s dish is a Christmas special to some. It is also a menu item in Filipino-Spanish restaurants and served … Read more

Sisig – Arguably the Best Pork Dish

Sisig - With Rice

The title of this post is huge – Sisig – Arguably the Best Pork Dish. Wow, that’s a mouthful and so is this dish! For my first ever published attempt to actually “cook” something, I hope I live up to the title’s reputation. For the love of Gourmet Getaways, its avid readers and constant egging, I’ve mustered … Read more

Sticky Glazed Pork Ribs w Apple Sauce

Sticky Pork Ribs with Apple Sauce

Two of the most celebrated flavours of autumn are pork and apples. Apples are harvested throughout most of the world in Autumn, which means that they are a staple in desserts as well as entrees. Pork, of course, is a familiar dish throughout the year, but it is especially popular when the weather begins to … Read more