Beef Stroganoff Slow Cooker Recipe – Creamy Tender & Rich

slow cooked beef stroganoff

This recipe for slow-cooked beef stroganoff is the perfect example of how meat turns out much more tender when using a crock pot (slow cooker). Not only is the meat better in a slow cooker but the sauce is richer and infuses the meat. Slow cooking this stroganoff will develop rich meaty flavors. The time … Read more

Sloppy Joes Homemade Recipe – “Dripping with Flavor” – EASY to Make!

Sloppy Joes - easy American comfort food recipe

Sloppy Joes are classic American comfort food with a sweet and tangy flavor. This recipe makes an easy and inexpensive dinner that everyone will love! This Sloppy Joes recipe makes 4 serves. You can make this recipe in larger batches if you want and store leftover Sloppy Joe meat in the fridge for up to … Read more

Braised Beef Cheeks Recipe – Sticky & Tender

Chinese Braised Beef Cheeks

These tender and sticky Braised Beef Cheeks are ideal for dinner. The slow cooker recipe is super simple with perfect results every time! These slow-cooked beef cheeks are the perfect balance of sweet and salty, with an intense orange aroma. Just like other braised meat dishes, these beef cheeks taste even better the following day … Read more

Thai Massaman Curry – Slow Cooked – Spicy & Tender

Slow Cooked Massamam Curry

Have you ever wondered how to make a slow-cooked Thai Massaman curry from scratch?   I wondered, and I tried various recipes only to be disappointed. Nothing I was making tasted as good as the Massaman curry we’ve eaten in Thailand. The Massaman curries we’ve had on holidays were all rich in flavor, gorgeously fragrant … Read more

BBQ Style Beef Jerky Recipe – How to use a Food Dehydrator to make the BEST

BBQ Style Beef Jerky - easy homemade jerky recipe

Our BBQ Style Beef Jerky Recipe will have you saying farewell to prepackage meat snacks. This recipe is super easy and the jerky can dry while you sleep, ready for meaty snacks the next day. This is a recipe for a Smokey BBQ Beef Jerky which has the flavor of Texas BBQ. If you are … Read more

Oozy Double Cheese Beef Burgers – Easy Cheddar Stuffed Recipe

Oozy Double Cheese Beef Burgers - easy recipe

These delicious Oozy Double Cheese Beef Burgers are perfect for lunch or dinner. With the added surprise of cheese and mayonnaise stuffed inside the burgers! We think these burgers a best served on a soft burger bun, topped with onions, ketchup, and mustard. This beef burger recipe makes 6 servings. Leftover Double Cheese Burgers can … Read more

Kid Friendly Thermomix Mexican Chili Nachos

Mexican Chili Nachos Recipe

Our Kid-Friendly Thermomix Mexican Chili Nachos is ready in under 30 minutes. It’s the perfect midweek meal for the whole family. This easy recipe can be made with any ground meat, including lamb and kangaroo, but we like to keep it to the slightly more traditional beef. I always serve the Mexican Chili Nachos with … Read more

Leftover Picadillo Cannelloni (No Bake)

PIN ME - Leftover Picadillo Cannelloni - 3

I opened the fridge the other day to discover there’s a full container of frozen picadillo. I have not been eating a large amount of meats for the last few months now, plus a surfeit of this ground beef/potato dish to consume for days called for a need to “innovate” a bit. Bhing had a brilliant … Read more

Filipino Style Callos – Slow Cooked Stew


Filipino style Callos. Never heard of it? Me neither. Callos is a stew that originated in Spain, it can be made with beef, tripe, blood sausage and chick peas. This dish includes tripe, ox knuckle, bacon and chorizo. Today’s dish is a Christmas special to some. It is also a menu item in Filipino-Spanish restaurants and served … Read more

YBR- July 2011- Smokey Steak & Cheese Pizza w Sweet Caramelised Onion

Your Best Recipe July 2011

I love this time of month, I can look back over my recipes, and salivate over all the luscious food I have experienced whislt I choose my “Your Best Recipe”.  The highlight for me this month was this gorgeous pizza. The idea came about after a Wagyu Degustation meal in which we were served Bruschetta … Read more