Green Eggs & Ham

green Eggs and ham, tapas, cookbook Challenge

Week 19

Theme Green

Green eggs and ham, Sam I am!

Do you like green eggs and ham,

Try them if you can.

Would you like them on a plate,

Or on the bus when you’re running late

Perhaps eat them in bed

With butter, tea and a piece of bread.

Green Eggs and Ham Dr Suess

So here we are with another Cookbook Challenge Theme, the topic being Green.

green Eggs and ham, tapas

I have decided to do a tasty but simple brunch dish that I have always thought of as green eggs and ham. The green colour comes from pureed spinach and herbs so there is nothing scary about green eggs really… perhaps unlike the Dr Seuss version? I was always a bit frightened of being made to eat real green eggs and ham as a kid.

green Eggs and ham, tapas-2


Brushetta (sliced into rounds)

2 Chorizo sausages sliced


4 Eggs

½ bunch spinach

½ bunch Parsely

1 clove garlic

salt and pepper to taste

Pesto Aioli

2 cup olive oil

1/2 t/s Salt

5- 7 cloves garlic

juice from 1 Lemon

1/2 bunch coriander

1/2 bunch basil leaves

cracked pepper to taste

Chorizo tapas


Arrange the Bruschetta on a tray and toast lightly under the grill, reserve for later use.

green Eggs and ham, tapas-3

Slice the chorizo into rounds and fry lightly in a pan. Reserve for later use.

Chorizo Chorizo tapas-2

Pesto Aioli Method

Pesto aoili Pesto aoili-2

To make the aioli blend the garlic, salt and ¼ cup of oil in a blender until the garlic is a paste. Add small amounts of oil until it has emulsified and keep adding oil and lemon slowly whilst blending until the desired consistency has been reached.

Pesto aoili-3 Pesto aoili-4

Add the basil and blend until the leaves are processed to the desired consistency, add more oil or lemon if necessary.


Cook the spinach briefly in a saucepan of water until just wilted. Drain and squeeze excess liquid.

Spinach omlete

In a food processor pulse the spinach, parsley, garlic and egg yolk until a puree has formed. Whisk the egg whites though the green mixture.

Melt butter in a frying pan and pour ¼ of the mixture into cook. Cook gently over a low heat. Continue to cook all the mixture in this manner.

Spinach omlete-3 Spinach omlete-2

Once the egg mixture has cooked cut rounds out of the omelette using a biscuit cutter ready for assembly.


To assemble place the Bruschetta on a plate and top with lettuce, ham, green eggs and aioli.

Don’t forget to take a look at how everyone else has interpreted this weeks theme of “Green” in the the cookbook challenge.

What dish would have been your first choice for a theme of “Green”?

green Eggs and ham, tapas-4

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