Texan Pulled Pork Burgers – “Mouthwatering” Texas BBQ Flavored Slow Cooker Recipe

Juicy Pulled Pork Burger Slow Cooker Recipe Delish!

I love suckling pig and charcoal BBQ pork with a tasty rub, but this mouthwatering Texan style pulled pork burger recipe is by far the easiest. I love crackle, pork belly, BBQ pork ribs, Char Sui Pork, pork buns, pork dumplings. I just love PORK! This recipe includes some “special” ingredients that might surprise you. We use Coca … Read more

Oozy Double Cheese Beef Burgers – Easy Cheddar Stuffed Recipe

Oozy Double Cheese Beef Burgers - easy recipe

These delicious Oozy Double Cheese Beef Burgers are perfect for lunch or dinner. With the added surprise of cheese and mayonnaise stuffed inside the burgers! We think these burgers a best served on a soft burger bun, topped with onions, ketchup, and mustard. This beef burger recipe makes 6 servings. Leftover Double Cheese Burgers can … Read more

Satay Chicken Burger By The Beach

Satay Chicken Burger-3

Picnics by the beach often include a cold selection of dishes, but when you invest in a portable cooker something as tasty as a Satay Chicken Burger can easily be created! After all my cooking challenges are completed, I have plenty more food, wine and travel experiences to share, so lovely readers you needn’t be concerned, … Read more