Beef Stroganoff Slow Cooker Recipe – Creamy Tender & Rich

slow cooked beef stroganoff

This recipe for slow-cooked beef stroganoff is the perfect example of how meat turns out much more tender when using a crock pot (slow cooker). Not only is the meat better in a slow cooker but the sauce is richer and infuses the meat. Slow cooking this stroganoff will develop rich meaty flavors. The time … Read more

Authentic Indian Mango Chicken Curry Recipe – Easy to Make & Super Delicious

Indian Mango Chicken Curry in a bowl

You don’t need one of those stores bought pastes to make an Authentic Indian Mango Chicken Curry at home! Mango Indian Curry cooked the authentic way is much easier than you think! Indian Mango Chicken is a Mild Curry Our Mango Chicken Curry is quite mild so is suitable to cook and serve for most people … Read more

Parmesan Chicken Wings – Garlicky Crunchy & Gluten Free Recipe

Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings

Our Parmesan Chicken Wings are super easy to make, just marinate, fry, and coat in a delicious sauce! They make a great dinner or footy-watching-game-day feast. Not a fan of deep frying? Our Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings can also be cooked in the oven. Place the wings on a rack and bake at 200C/400F for … Read more

Sloppy Joes Homemade Recipe – “Dripping with Flavor” – EASY to Make!

Sloppy Joes - easy American comfort food recipe

Sloppy Joes are classic American comfort food with a sweet and tangy flavor. This recipe makes an easy and inexpensive dinner that everyone will love! This Sloppy Joes recipe makes 4 serves. You can make this recipe in larger batches if you want and store leftover Sloppy Joe meat in the fridge for up to … Read more

Pepper Pork Belly Strips Recipe – the “Crispiest Juiciest” Method Around

Pepper Pork Belly Ingredients

I love the way Pork Belly Strips fry up so I went on a mission to create the crunchiest version for my hungry carnivore friends with some pepper to taste. Be warned this a very simple recipe but it’s advised that you grab a pan with a lid or some sort of guard because this … Read more

Easy Thermomix Chicken Curry – “Tender & Mildly Spicy” – Plus Stovetop Instructions

Easy Chicken Curry

This delicious mildly spicy chicken curry is a very easy recipe to cook in the Thermomix or equally on the stovetop (we’ve moved more towards the stovetop but this recipe was made in the Thermomix) Spicy chicken curry is an all-time favorite around here because of its mild spiciness it suits everyone. The ingredients are … Read more

Braised Beef Cheeks Recipe – Sticky & Tender

Chinese Braised Beef Cheeks

These tender and sticky Braised Beef Cheeks are ideal for dinner. The slow cooker recipe is super simple with perfect results every time! These slow-cooked beef cheeks are the perfect balance of sweet and salty, with an intense orange aroma. Just like other braised meat dishes, these beef cheeks taste even better the following day … Read more

Balinese Chicken Thigh Curry Recipe – “Spicy & Creamy” – EASY Oven Baked!

Pete Evan Balinese Chicken Curry

Today I am sharing the most delicious authentic Balinese Chicken Curry recipe! Honestly, it’s the best dish I have made for AGES! It’s so freaking good!  Where did the inspiration for this “spicy” dish come from? Well, it came from celebrity chef Mr. Pete Evans. Before we get started I have to tell you this isn’t … Read more

Mexican Yucatan Chicken – Pollo Pibil “Authentic” – Perfect Tacos Filling!

Mexican Yucatan Chicken Skewers

This Mexican Yucatan Chicken Pollo Pibil recipe is influenced by the Mayan culture, it’s such a simple dish but the flavor is absolutely delicious. The meat is marinated in a gorgeous orange spice paste made using achiote and orange juice. Yucatan Chicken is a dish that is extremely popular in the Yucatán region. The marinade … Read more

Authentic Pork Carnitas Slow Cooker Recipe – “Tender Mexican” – Easy To Make!

Pork Carnitas Plate

This Authentic Pork Carnitas is a slow cooker shredded meat recipe from Mexico. When traveling through Mexico, tender shredded pork carnitas was one of my favorites to buy from the street markets pulled fresh from the cooker. Typically there would be a large pot of pork carnitas meat next to a grill. When a customer ordered … Read more

Mexican Pulled Chicken Recipe – Shredded Smoky Style “Slow Cooker or Thermomix” – Easy!

Mexican Pulled Chicken Recipe – Shredded Smokey Style “Slow Cooker Or Thermomix” – Easy!

This Smokey Mexican Pulled Chicken recipe comes in very handy with maximum flavor and made with the minimum effort. The Mexican Pulled Chicken recipe can be cooked in the slow cooker, or in a Thermomix, and there’s no difference at all in the taste or texture. This Smoky Pulled Chicken can be served with rice, … Read more

Puff Pastry Pizza Recipe – “Easy to Make in 5 Minutes” – Gourmet Style Crust at Home!

Pizza Puff Pastry Recipe Gourmet Crust

Puff Pastry Pizza is one of those recipes that is so easy to make but tastes like something you would be getting at a gourmet pizza cafe or restaurant. Puff pastry sheets are very cheap and affordable and make an excellent pizza crust for gourmet style pizza’s made at home. In fact I worked it … Read more

Wood Fired Pizza Recipes – How To Make The “Best” Pizzas in A Stone Oven

Wood fired pizza recipes

Have you ever wondered how to make wood-fired pizza in a stone oven?  We make pizza from scratch quite regularly at home, so when we had the opportunity to road test a wood-fired pizza oven on a recent getaway, we were very excited. Ingredients For Wood Fired Pizzas 3 cups of Flour strong 2 tsp … Read more

Texan Pulled Pork Burgers – “Mouthwatering” Texas BBQ Flavored Slow Cooker Recipe

Juicy Pulled Pork Burger Slow Cooker Recipe Delish!

I love suckling pig and charcoal BBQ pork with a tasty rub, but this mouthwatering Texan style pulled pork burger recipe is by far the easiest. I love crackle, pork belly, BBQ pork ribs, Char Sui Pork, pork buns, pork dumplings. I just love PORK! This recipe includes some “special” ingredients that might surprise you. We use Coca … Read more

Turkish Pide Recipe – The “Secret” to Making the Perfect Bread Everytime!

Turkish Pide

Here is a delicious Turkish Pide Recipe to make at home where everyone can join in. Pide is a traditional homemade bread that is filled with the ingredients of your choice then baked in the oven. I haven’t been to Turkey for many years, and unfortunately, I don’t have another trip pending at the moment. … Read more

Lamb Shanks Recipe in Maple Syrup – Oven Baked

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

This slow-roasted maple syrup lamb shanks recipe is one of my most requested. When it gets cold I want something deliciously warm and comforting, oven-roasted and slow-cooked meals are at the top of the list. Slow-cooked maple syrup lamb shanks are one of my most popular recipes during winter. What else do I usually include … Read more

10 Slow Cooker Recipes – Easy & Cheap Homemade Dishes

Easy Slow Cooker Recipes

Making meals in the slow cooker is one of the easiest ways to cook for a crowd on a budget. Below we’ve chosen some of the tastiest and easiest creations for everyone to enjoy. The beauty of slow cooker recipes is that you can cook many in bulk and freeze of refrigerating for dinner or … Read more

Thai Massaman Curry – Slow Cooked – Spicy & Tender

Slow Cooked Massamam Curry

Have you ever wondered how to make a slow-cooked Thai Massaman curry from scratch?   I wondered, and I tried various recipes only to be disappointed. Nothing I was making tasted as good as the Massaman curry we’ve eaten in Thailand. The Massaman curries we’ve had on holidays were all rich in flavor, gorgeously fragrant … Read more