Puff Pastry Pizza Recipe – “Easy to Make in 5 Minutes” – Gourmet Style Crust at Home!

Pizza Puff Pastry Recipe Gourmet Crust

Puff Pastry Pizza is one of those recipes that is so easy to make but tastes like something you would be getting at a gourmet pizza cafe or restaurant. Puff pastry sheets are very cheap and affordable and make an excellent pizza crust for gourmet style pizza’s made at home. In fact I worked it … Read more

Lamb Shanks Recipe in Maple Syrup – Oven Baked

Slow Cooked Lamb Shanks

This slow-roasted maple syrup lamb shanks recipe is one of my most requested. When it gets cold I want something deliciously warm and comforting, oven-roasted and slow-cooked meals are at the top of the list. Slow-cooked maple syrup lamb shanks are one of my most popular recipes during winter. What else do I usually include … Read more

Lamb Souvlaki & Greek Salad – “Traditional Recipe” – Light & Easy to Make

Lamb Souvlaki and Greek Salad - easy dinner recipe

This Lamb Souvlaki & Greek Salad is a deliciously light meal, a traditional recipe straight from Greece. It’s a quick and easy dinner that is on the table in less than 40 minutes! Our Lamb Souvlaki & Greek Salad recipe makes 6 servings. Leftover Lamb Souvlaki can be stored in the fridge for up to … Read more

The Hunger Games Slow Cooked Lamb & Plum Stew

The Hunger Games Lamb Stew

The weather has turned, and I have felt myself craving something warm and comforting. Over the last week I have been thoroughly obsessed with the life of Katniss, a character from “The Hunger Games.” I have lived and breathed the three Suzanne Collins novels which depict the fictional life of this seventeen year old girl … Read more

Ellie’s Kitchen – Rosemary Lamb Kebabs


Good Morning Readers! It is time for another guest post from Ellie.  The inspiration for this recipe came about while we were shooting her profile picture in my garden. I hope you enjoy her story! J. These easy Lamb kebabs are delicious I served them up to my family on Friday night with home made Tabbouleh and Hummus. Yes, … Read more