Lime and Coriander Compound Butter for your Meats

Cilantro Lime Compound Butter Condiment

Lime and Coriander Compound Butter is Super Simple to make But don’t let the straightforwardness of this recipe throw you off this Lime and Coriander compound butter will turn a bland fish dish or chicken dinner into a party in your mouth. This compound butter is a simple four-ingredient recipe consisting only of: Lime Coriander … Read more

Niter Kibbeh – Infused Clarified Butter

Niter Kibbeh Spiced Butter

What is niter kibbeh? I first discovered this amazing secret ingredient whilst dining in an African Restaurant in Coffs Harbour. The chef is a fabulous man, he introduced me niter kibbeh. Joel actually sent me home from that meal with a takeaway container of the beautiful gold liquid. Niter Kibbeh is a spice infused, clarified butter. The … Read more

Quick Balinese Gado Gado with Sate Sauce

Tofu Gado Gado with Sate

It must be time for me to take a holiday. I can usually tell when I’m due to travel as I start cooking my favourite dishes from past trips. This Balinese Gado Gado is from a recipe I learnt on my last trip to Bali. It is super healthy and tastes absolutely delicious. Gado-Gado means … Read more

Savoury Fig Jam – Perfect Cheese Partner

Fig Jam Relish Recipe

I love condiments and this Savoury Fig Jam is the perfect addition to your cheese plate. I have turned into a real savoury person over time.  Anything that matches well with cheese, or makes my sandwiches taste better is a winner.  Fig is delicious served either sweet or savoury accompaniments. Today I’m sharing a recipe for a … Read more

Making Homemade Mascarpone from Scratch

Mascarpone from Starter Culture

Why would you want to make homemade mascarpone? I have been asked that questions so many times. It’s a simple question, with an even easier answer. Homemade mascarpone tastes much better than store bought mascarpone. Also, homemade mascarpone is about 1/4 of the price of the mascarpone you buy in the supermarket, AND, most importantly, making … Read more

Maple & Macadamia Whipped Butter

Maple Syrup & Banana Pancake Stack

I’m in pancake heaven at the moment. Yesterday I bought you these luscious Mixed Berry Pancakes. Today I have to share the ultimate healthy Maple and Macadamia Whipped Butter. It’s perfect on pancakes, waffles, grilled banana loaf, as a cupcake frosting or eaten straight from the bowl.   Perhaps you shouldn’t really eat it straight from the bowl… … Read more

Parmesan & Thyme Grissini w Spicy Chili Aioli

Parmesan Grissini

Grissini, or breadsticks, are sold in supermarkets and specialist deli’s but I’ve never thought to make them. Parmesan & Thyme Grissini, why not! I wanted to try Grissini bread sticks. I have a lot of Thyme growing in my garden so Parmesan and Thyme Grissini seemed like the perfect combination. Naturally, if I make a … Read more

Alfresco Friday – Hummus

Alfresco Friday

Summer is the season for picnics and BBQ’s, dropping around at friend’s houses and having guests at your own. The weather is beautiful, the days are longer, and when the sun does go down its still gorgeous sitting outside with a glass of wine and enjoying the mild evening. With all of this relaxing my … Read more

Homemade Camembert Cheese

Homemade Camembert

Well after a complete failure I started my second attempt at making this illusive Homemade Camembert Cheese. I purchased the unhomogenised milk and warmed it to the appropriate temperature. I am pleased to see that it looks as it should, with the fat floating about on the surface. Stage One Once heated, the milk is poured … Read more