Indian Dahl – Spicy Lentil Curry – Delicious Vegan Comfort Food

Best Indian Dahl Recipe for Vegans

Indian Dahl is a traditional curry dish from India that’s perfect for vegans, vegetarians or anyone else that enjoys a spicy lentil dish. It is loaded with nutrients and is a healthy source of fibre. This version of Vegan Indian Dahl is the perfect dish to cook in big batches and refrigerate or freeze for … Read more

How to make Indian Boiled Egg Curry – Healthy, Low-Carb Vegetarian Recipe

Indian Egg Curry Low Carb

The flavours and aromas of this low-carb, guilt free Indian Boiled Egg Curry will not only fit in with any low carb diet but it’s also vegetarian. Loaded with healthy fats and protein this delicious Indian Egg Curry is enough for the most stringent of healthy eaters as well as everyone else at the Dinner … Read more

Pumpkin Feta Tart – Vegetarian Homemade Pie Recipe

Pumpkin Feta Tart Final

Get ready for the reactions when everyone smells the delicious aroma of this Vegetarian Pumpkin Feta Tart / Pie recipe cooking in the oven.  Visually the Pumpkin Feta Tart has a real WOW factor too it’s one very attractive pumpkin pie. It just looks special and would make a fabulous centrepiece if you were hosting … Read more

Vegan Moroccan Spiced Beans

Vegan Spiced Moroccan Beans

As a former vegetarian some of my more delicious and satisfying recipes are either vegetarian or vegan.  This Vegan Moroccan Spiced Beans recipe is no exception. The dish is full of flavour, is exceptionally nutritious and has an amazing comfort food appeal. Just eating this dish feels like you are doing your body (and your … Read more

Homemade Falafel Wraps – Vegan

Falafel Wrap

When I have a food craving it rarely diminishes over time. Usually it becomes a maddening obsession until I finally relent and satisfy my desire for the particular item. That is all well and good if the item is nearby. My current obsession is with the Falafel and I just had to make a batch of … Read more

Healthy Eating Vegetarian Moussaka

Vegetarian Moussaka

I hope you enjoyed a virtual tour of the Mediterranean Food Tour in my previous travel feature.Today I wanted to share my recipe for Vegetarian Moussaka. Regular readers may remember that I spent more than ten years as a vegetarian.  During this time I accumulated some delicious recipes which mimicked traditional meat dish but with … Read more

Berry Smoothie & “The Higher Being”

Berry Smoothie, raw vegan smoothie

What is “The Higher Being,”… LOL! I wouldn’t know, and I am not going to get philosophical with you, that is definitely not my department! In the context of this story the “Higher Being” is my baby brother. He is absolutely everything I am not!  We started calling him HB very tongue in cheek. :0 … Read more

Alfresco Friday – Hummus

Alfresco Friday

Summer is the season for picnics and BBQ’s, dropping around at friend’s houses and having guests at your own. The weather is beautiful, the days are longer, and when the sun does go down its still gorgeous sitting outside with a glass of wine and enjoying the mild evening. With all of this relaxing my … Read more