Balinese Chicken Thigh Curry Recipe – “Spicy & Creamy” – EASY Oven Baked!

Pete Evan Balinese Chicken Curry

Today I am sharing the most delicious authentic Balinese Chicken Curry recipe! Honestly, it’s the best dish I have made for AGES! It’s so freaking good!  Where did the inspiration for this “spicy” dish come from? Well, it came from celebrity chef Mr. Pete Evans. Before we get started I have to tell you this isn’t … Read more

Quick Balinese Gado Gado with Sate Sauce

Tofu Gado Gado with Sate

It must be time for me to take a holiday. I can usually tell when I’m due to travel as I start cooking my favourite dishes from past trips. This Balinese Gado Gado is from a recipe I learnt on my last trip to Bali. It is super healthy and tastes absolutely delicious. Gado-Gado means … Read more