Berry Smoothie & “The Higher Being”

Berry Smoothie, raw vegan smoothie

What is “The Higher Being,”… LOL! I wouldn’t know, and I am not going to get philosophical with you, that is definitely not my department! In the context of this story the “Higher Being” is my baby brother. He is absolutely everything I am not!  We started calling him HB very tongue in cheek. :0 … Read more

Alfresco Friday – Peach Sangria

Peach Sangria

Welcome to another glorious Friday! I hope the sun is shining and you have the most wonderful plans for your weekend. Alfresco Friday is my celebration of the weekend. Usually our family will take advantage of the beautiful mild weather this time of year and have a picnic or BBQ at the beach, a park … Read more

Alfresco Friday – Sangria


Todays Alfresco Friday is a bit of a preview for some upcoming stories.  I won’t give you any more hints… except to say that I have been sampling some different flavours recently and that will be reflected in some of the dishes coming up on the site. Friday, however is the day we put the … Read more

Alfresco Friday – Mango Crush

Mango frozen cocktails

It’s alfresco Friday and New Years Eve! So what else could I make but a yummy cocktail to help my readers get the celebrations started?  My favourite cocktails are those which include a good amount of fruit and ice. There is nothing like a chilled fruit drink to cool you down through summer; it is also … Read more

Alfresco Friday -Watermelon Punch

Watermelon Punch

It is Alfresco Friday again and it is my birthday!  I have already celebrated this birthday once, thanks to my gorgeous husband who organized a big surprise party for me last month. But it looks like I am a little spoilt, and we are celebrating again with a weekend getaway to Red Rock with friends … Read more