Berry Smoothie & “The Higher Being”

What is “The Higher Being,”… LOL!

I wouldn’t know, and I am not going to get philosophical with you, that is definitely not my department!

In the context of this story the “Higher Being” is my baby brother. He is absolutely everything I am not!  We started calling him HB very tongue in cheek. :0 Although he seems to have adopted it in a more positive manner. HB is vegetarian, but on a vegan bender at the moment, is into raw food, strange Gods, healing, meditation and I think may possibly be off alcohol.  He sends a message of peace love and tranquility that I will only ever achieve after a bottle of red.

Anyway, in the spirit of balance he will be contributing to Gourmet Getaways as a guest blogger periodically.  Just think of it as a holiday for your body and liver.

One good thing happened when I made this smoothie… I realised that it is the first time my blender has ever been used for a non alcoholic drink! It won’t be a regular occurrence, but it was delicious.

Greetings all,

So as way of introduction I shall be known as Higher Being.

Okay, so my friends kept telling me to write a blog, start a blog, or “wow that looks tasty, you really should put that on a blog.”

But like many things in life as soon as one has to do something one finds that one no longer desire to do that something. Hence gentle readers I find myself here, on my beloved siblings’ page, borrowing her HTML and lending the ear of her readers.

For my part I must confess, and perhaps with that confession a small apology, the photos I use are not likely to be the greatest high definition, as mostly they are taken on the fly from my iPhone, as you many also now realise gentle reader I have my very own unique and colourful way of writing.  Again apologies, though I assure quietly that this will not change. (hmm, we will see HB)

And so with introduction, pleasantries and confessions out of the way, onwards with the post.

So The higher being is on somewhat of a health kick, and for those that know me this is nothing new, and this week sees me upping the content of Raw fruit and Veggies in the diet..

So today Gentle readers to a very tasty Smoothie, for you to try and delight in.

Berry Smoothie


1 Punnet of Blueberries

1 Punnet of Strawberries

1 Banana

2 T/s Chia Seeds

1 T/s Agave (or maple Syrup)

Approx. 250mls Soy milk (or skim milk or water, depending on your dietary preferences)


Place all the ingredients in the blender.

The Agave is to taste (it is not required, but if one has a sweet tooth, this is a nice option as is Maple syrup.. Though I find that I am not to be trusted with a bottle of Maple syrup in the house..)

Blend, Blend, Blend Serve…

This one can be done cold, but the trick is to drink it fresh, as I have heard it said that the products you are using start losing vitamins and minerals as quickly as 30 minutes after blended (don’t know if it is true, but it is pretty tasty thus not hard to drink in 30 min)  So the easiest way to have this one cold is to start with all your ingredients in the fridge to start with.

Delicious first post HB. My smoothie made three wine glasses full! Mr GG also loved his and the kids smoothie was frozen into popsicles.

If using skim milk and serving three people this recipe yields 169 calories.

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