Nutella Chocolate Fudge Brownies – “Smooth & Chewy” – Very Easy To Make

Nutella Fudge Brownie

This Nutella Chocolate Fudge Brownie recipe is one the most unique and tasty ways we’ve come across to us the delicious spread. The reward is a rich chocolate fudge brownie, topped with a luscious layer of squishy Nutella fudge. What could taste better? My favorite part is the Nutella fudge… I could probably almost eat … Read more

Apple Streusel Recipe – Authentic German Dessert

German Apple Streusel Slice

Today I want to share a recipe for a German Apple Streusel Slice. I think everyone has probably tried this dessert before if you haven’t you’re in for a treat. The Apple Streusel slice consists of three layers. The bottom layer is a shortbread style base.  The next layer contains a diced apple, applesauce and … Read more

Scones – How to make the PERFECT Scones Everytime

Scones with Strawberry Jam

In winter I love the smell of buttery, light, cooked perfect scones baking in the oven.  The best thing is getting the freshly baked scones out of the oven, breaking them open and smelling the delicious aroma. Of course, what would hot scones be without smothering them in butter? But what is the secret on … Read more

Masterchef Chocolate Brookie Recipe

Masterchef Chocolate Brookie

Masterchef is a source of cooking inspiration for me it’s what bought me baking this chocolate brookie recipe . The other night I watched as three contestants were asked to create a midnight snack for Nigella Lawson. One of the contestants made a Dark Chocolate Brookie served with a Frangelico cream. It looked amazing! I … Read more

Molten Chocolate Caramel Fondant Cake

Close Up Chocolate Caramel Fondant

Ooozy gooey molten Chocolate Caramel Fondant…. Yum. I felt after sharing my favourite slow cooker meals and the Slow Cooked Kare-kare we should finish with dessert. My favourite desserts this time of year are warm and chocolate based. I have adapted a popular Gourmet Getaways recipe to give you my very special oozing chocolate caramel fondant. I … Read more

The Best Salted Caramel Cupcakes Ever

Caramel on Salted Caramel Cupcake

Yep! These salted caramel cupcakes are the bomb!!! The reason there is only one salted caramel cupcake in these photos is the rest were eaten! 23 cupcakes were demolished and this lone cupcake was confiscated and hidden from the family! It’s a tough measure to take but if I hadn’t hidden it there would have been nothing … Read more

Chocolate Caramel Layered Ombre Cake

Chocolate Ombre Cake

I am starting to notice a theme in my desserts. The dominant flavours are the chocolate and caramel combination. I knew I wanted to make an Ombre Cake using these flavours. What is ombre? It the effect you get when you create a graduated colour change from light to dark. You often see the effect in … Read more

Delicious Black Sesame Ice cream

Black Sesame Ice-cream

Yes, I’m talking this recipe up! This is one delicious Black Sesame Ice Cream! I promise this Black Sesame Ice cream was absolutely lush! It was so good I had to run out into my garden to pick some flowers for the shots. Afterall, an ice-cream that good deserves some pretty pictures. I have also … Read more

Three Ingredient Twix Caramel Ice Cream – No Churn

Twix Caramel Ice-cream

Sometimes it’s the simplest of recipes that make the most delicious treats. This three ingredient Twix Caramel Ice Cream is just that, simple and delicious. I’m not sure if it’s because simple recipes aren’t a huge effort to make, and can be enjoyed more quickly, or if it’s just the right collection of flavours. Whatever … Read more

Delicious Traditional Easter Cake

Easter Recipe Paska

Do you have any Easter traditions?  We really don’t have many, and the ones we do have are ALL about chocolate! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m not that much of a chocolate fan. Luckily this Traditional Easter Cake contains no chocolate! Anyway, in our house it’s all about the Easter Bunny, and everything centres around chocolate. … Read more

White Chocolate Chai Creme Brulee

White Chocolate Chai Creme Brulee

When we think of spicy we think of hot food, but I thought I would give the theme a slightly different taste, and go for some sweet spices. Sweet spices and chocolate in the form of a White Chocolate Chai Creme Brulee. This recipe is compliments of Jimmy Seervai from Masterchef. He has graciously given … Read more