Top Drop – Deckchairs White

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Long Point Vineyard Deckchairs White Deckchairs is a delicious light, crisp and refreshing wine with just a nice amount of residual sugars to appeal to most palates. The wine is a blend of Chardonnay and Verdelho and has a pleasing un-oaked style with a wonderful fruity aroma and mouth filling flavours. As we come into … Read more

Top Drop – August 2012

Cassegrain 2010 Edition Noir Pinot Noir With the weather warming up, my taste in red wine tends to move towards the Pinot Noir variety. It is perfectly suited to this time of year and the foods which come along with this season. The wine itself is a lighter shade of red with the aroma of … Read more

Top Drop – May 2012

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Douglas Vale Historic Vineyard Portobello (previously Isabella Ruby Port) Winter is upon us and there is a definite chill in the air which is only satisfied by a fireplace and delicious port to finish the evening meal. The Douglas Vale port is a fortified wine which is produced using the Isabella grape variety hence the … Read more

Top Drop -March 2012

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Cassegrain Verdelho – 2011  Make the most of the fading weather with this crisp, fresh white wine.  It presents as a delicate pale yellow colour, with vibrant fresh citrus aromas, and the flavour of tropical fruits. Refreshing, and easy to drink, it’s a fun wine which will remind you of the summer just past. A great … Read more

Top Drop -February 2012

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I have chosen the Shiraz Sangiovese blend from Cassegrain Wines to review this month for focus magazine and Gourmet Getaways readers because it has been my preferred red lately. I am off on holidays at the moment, so it is strictly cocktails by the pool for me.  This is a brief intermission from my Pacific … Read more

Top Drop – January 2012

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Longpoint Vineyard Duet 2007 This wine takes its named from the perfect partnering of the Chambourcin and Cabernet grape.  The Cabernet lends the wine depth, complexity and a full flavour, the Chambourcin lightens the finish and allows the fresh crisp notes of that grape to shine through. Perfect for this hot humid weather, it is … Read more

Top Drop – October 2011

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Do you think anyone noticed that I am six days late for my “Top Drop” October story? In my defense things have been a little frantic… and whilst I have been diligently sampling wine all month, there has been a little more sampling than writing going on… sorry lovely readers, but I believe it is … Read more

Top Drop – September 2011

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Inneslake Vineyards Inneslake Mist Finish your evening meal with a deliciously fortified wine from Inneslake Vineyards.  The Inneslake Mist is a luscious blend of premium quality Semillon fruit which has been fortified with spirit to create a mellow, sweet after dinner wine to be enjoyed with someone special. The wine has spent a minimum of … Read more