Top Drop – May 2012

Top Drop Gourmet Getaway

Douglas Vale Historic Vineyard

Portobello (previously Isabella Ruby Port)

Winter is upon us and there is a definite chill in the air which is only satisfied by a fireplace and delicious port to finish the evening meal.

The Douglas Vale port is a fortified wine which is produced using the Isabella grape variety hence the name. The wine is matured in oak casks for eighteen months giving it a rich creamy mouth feel. The flavours are of luscious raisins and Christmas pudding.  This is a port which is perfect for your drinking pleasure now, but will also improve with cellaring.
Douglas Vale Port

Goes with:       Cheese Platter

Cost               $25

Available:        Only available at the 150 year old historic homestead and vineyard

235 Oxley Highway, Port Macquarie

The above article is as published in the May 2012 edition of Focus Magazine (Greater Port Macquarie)

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