YBR- July 2011- Smokey Steak & Cheese Pizza w Sweet Caramelised Onion

Your Best Recipe July 2011

I love this time of month, I can look back over my recipes, and salivate over all the luscious food I have experienced whislt I choose my “Your Best Recipe”.  The highlight for me this month was this gorgeous pizza.

The idea came about after a Wagyu Degustation meal in which we were served Bruschetta with Caramalised Onion, Rare Wagyu and Brie. These ingredients were a mouthwatering experience. I have tried to replicated that dish on this pizza.

Steak Ingredients for pizza

I think I succeeded in making the most unique and gorgeously flavoured  pizza I have had for a while. So please check out my original post for the recipe.

Smokey Steak & Cheese Pizza w Sweet Caramelised Onion

Happy eating!

Please go over to the Spicie Foodie website, and take a look at the other delicious submissions for the July “Your Best Recipes”.

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