Alfresco Friday -Watermelon Punch

Watermelon Punch

It is Alfresco Friday again and it is my birthday!  I have already celebrated this birthday once, thanks to my gorgeous husband who organized a big surprise party for me last month. But it looks like I am a little spoilt, and we are celebrating again with a weekend getaway to Red Rock with friends and family.

So in the spirit of Alfresco Friday I was planning to make a Watermelon punch to bring along.

All over the internet there is instructions on how to make this particular punch out of a bottle of vodka or bacardi, and a whole watermelon. It goes something like this;


1 whole seedless watermelon

700ml bottle of Bacardi


Cut a small circle in the skin of the watermelon which is just large enough to allow the neck of the bottle to be inserted.

Watermelon Punch-2

Insert the bottle as far as possible into the watermelon.

Find a cool spot for the watermelon to sit whilst the alcohol empties into the watermelon.  Depending on the size of your watermelon this can take up to 1 week.

Bacardi watermelon

You can cork the hole if (like me) you were intending on traveling somewhere with your watermelon.

Fill the crate containing the watermelon with ice for a cool refreshing punch.

What they didn’t say is after 1 week with a bottle stuck in you melon, it may have only been able to absorb 50 mls of alcohol. I thought this would be a great party trick, but in the end, I don’t think such a small amount of bacardi in such a big watermelon would really get any party started.

So sorry guys, the thought was there but I guess my alfresco friday is a bit of a dud this week.  Maybe I should have called this week MYTHBUSTERS. Because … I think THIS MYTH IS BUSTED!! This seems to be just one of those great internet party tricks which “a friend of a friend” has done.  I don’t think anyone would really call this a punch.

Bacardi watermelon-2

Readers will be happy to know that both the watermelon and Bacardi was put to good use, and the party will continue.

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