Miso Glazed Chicken – Quick & Healthy Dinner Recipe

Delicious Miso Glazed Chicken Recipe

You may remember last week I promised to share more Quick and Healthy recipes. Last week I showed you my Fish Pie. Today I am giving you a super tasty Miso Glazed Chicken dish.  My Miso Glazed Chicken is so quick and simple to make, but it tastes amazing! When I make this dish I usually … Read more

Salmon Miso Soup

Salmon Miso Soup-2

Week 3 Topic Rice/Noodle I have a sick hubby at the moment, Mr GG has tonsillitis. He is bedridden, tired and lethargic, worst of all though, is that he is struggling to swallow. When I’m unwell I just want fluids, tea, water, green tea and soup.  So I decided to make hubby a bowl of … Read more