Lemon Myrtle Seafood Salad

Lemon Myrtle Seafood Salad

In a previous story, I highlighted an interesting food find from the Harbourside Farmers Market in Coffs Harbour. It was a brand of condiments, sauces, spices and seasonings which use Australian Native Produce to create a unique taste of Australia. This dish highlights a lovely spice to make a tasty Lemon Myrtle Seafood Salad. The range is … Read more

Satay Chicken Burger By The Beach

Satay Chicken Burger-3

Picnics by the beach often include a cold selection of dishes, but when you invest in a portable cooker something as tasty as a Satay Chicken Burger can easily be created! After all my cooking challenges are completed, I have plenty more food, wine and travel experiences to share, so lovely readers you needn’t be concerned, … Read more

Shouga-yaki – Japanese Ginger Pork


The main course for this evenings meal is Shouga-yaki. Our Japanese student Mana and her friends Tomo and Mayumi are teaching us how to cook some of their favourite traditional Japanese meals. I am watching and taking photographs and notes to that I can share them on my website and recreate these dishes again.   … Read more