Love is in the Air – Valentines Day Hamper

The most decadent hamper arrived at my door a few days ago.  While I was signing for it, the delivery lady mused that it must be a Valentines Day hamper. I looked at her surprised, Valentines Day was two weeks away, why would she guess Valentines Day and not my birthday, or some other celebration? … Read more

Alfresco Friday -Candied Sweet & Savoury Nuts

Alfresco Friday Candied Nuts

Alfresco Friday is back.  With the start of the warmer weather and the promise of another Summer at the beach, just around the corner, I felt it was time for the recommencement of Alfresco Friday.  This is a day when I post ideas for nibblies, picnic dishes, BBQ’suggestions or perhaps a recipe for a tasty … Read more