Australia Day Food Ideas

Do you have plans for Australia Day?

Bakers Delight Australia Day, Cheesymite scroll, vegemite australia day foods-3
Bakers Delight Australia Day, Cheesymite scroll

For me Australia Day always means a day at the beach with friends.  This year we will be going to a local beach called Gallows where we can drive the vehicles onto the sand and put out the awnings for a bit of sun protection.

Australia Day
Happy Australia Day

We usually stay at the beach all day, swimming, eating and of course enjoying a cold beverage or two.

Baked Camembert with Riberry-8
Baked Camembert with Riberry

Each year I try to make something a little different. I have some great food ideas for this coming for this Aussie Day but today I wanted to share some of the thing I have made in the past for Australia Day.

Lamington macaron, macaroon, Australia Day
Australia Day Lamington Macaron

What will you be doing for Australia Day?

Australia Day Cake Pop Ups, Australia Day Food-10
Australia Day Cake Pop Ups

Do you enjoy a BBQ with friends?

Kangaroo Rissoles-3
Kangaroo Riberry & Macadamia Rissoles

Do you take the opportunity to eat the native foods?

Australia Day recipes, Kangaroo Pie, riberry cooking, australian native food
Kangaroo Pie

I hope I have inspired you to try some bush foods.

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