Snake Infested Skullhead anyone?

Snake Infested Skull head dessert

Would anyone like a snake infested skull head for dessert? Surely someone would like to try this gruesome treat?

Snake Infested Skull head dessert-2

I have created a tasty spooky army of skull heads, and I love the way it looks like there is an army of the undead marching silently forward in these images. I think it would be enough to give me nightmares. Is it just me or are they multiplying!!!

Snake Infested Skull head dessert-3

So the name of the game here is quick last minute Halloween treats. For those that haven’t got time for anything elaborate… ie most of us with children 😉


2 pkts Strawberry Jelly

500gm Philadelphia Cream Cheese

450 ml boiling water

450ml cold water

Snake lollies


Mix the jelly and hot water together in a bowl until dissolved.


With a stick blender or mixer combine the cold water and the Philly.

cream cheese desserts

Once smooth pour into moulds and refrigerate.

strawberry pudding

I bought theses little skulls from a discount store, ($2 for 6) and filled them with dessert and a snake for good measure.

Moulds Skull

I think they are very effective!

After 2 hours add the snakes and place back in the fridge.

Skull head pudding

Serve once the dessert has set.

Snake Infested Skull head dessert-4

Eat quick or they just might eat you!!!

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