My European Vacation

Where in the world would you most like to travel to next???

It is such a big question!

If I had all the time and money available to me I would choose Europe every day of the week.  Regrettably I can usually only get away for a week or two so I tend to choose travel destinations closer to home such as Japan, Bali, or Fiji.

On a recent trip to Melbourne I posed this very same question to Daisy from “Never to Sweet” and Winston from “The Hungry Excavator.” We all had the same fantasy European vacation in mind. My fantasy holiday was a little more elaborate than most; it included hiring a lagoon catamaran in France and sailing the coast of Greece and Italy. Taking the time to stay in B&B and participating in cooking classes throughout the countryside. I would be sampling wine throughout the famous wine producing regions and sipping espresso in Italy.

My question is… if so many of us feel that Europe should be our next holiday, why are we delaying the pleasure when we could be booking a Paris Package Holiday?

On that note I would like to introduce readers to a good friend of mine, Ian Carswell of Flight Centre in Coffs Harbour.

Flight Centre Logo
Flight Centre Logo

Ian recently managed to secure a flight for me, travelling Sydney to Singapore for only $119 pp. So when Ian calls to tell me there is a good deal running, I am front and centre.

Rather than keep all this information to myself, I thought I would share the flyer for the upcoming Flight Centre

European Information Evening. I hope local readers come along and are tempted by all the amazing trips on offer. I may just be booking a European Vacation 😉

  Flight Centre European Vacation

So tell me readers, where would you like to be travelling to next? What is your ultimate holiday?

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