Halloween Roundup!

I hope everyone enjoyed a very Happy Halloween!

The girls on Halloween!
Dangerous Halloween Girls!

Each year I have a rather elaborate Halloween party, I thought I might share some images of the night in the hope of inspiring readers for next years Halloween.  There are some great Halloween costume ideas here for next year.

Halloween Black Cat Skeleton
Anais Cat Skeleton

She may look cute and cuddly but she is a precocious pussy cat, watch that she doesn’t cross your path this Halloween!

Santa costume for halloween
Bad Santa

Bad Santa kept up the act all night, pinching the kids lollies and promising multiple x-boxes to the neighbours kids! Sorry neighbours!!

Dracula and a Black cat
A Dark Prince and Black Cat

In case you didn’t recognise us, this is Mr GG and myself.  He is the Dark Prince, Count Dracula and I am his Black Cat! (pawing at his chest.) Prrr Prrr… good kitty…

Conan Halloween costume
Conan Warrior!

Awesome costume Vince, and great intensity in the pose!!

Ghostly Devil
Ghost costume… but is it?

Is it the devil disguised as a ghost or has a ghost tricked the devil into giving up his pitch fork??

Scary She Devil
She Devil!

Don’t get too close to this She Devil, she will lure you away and snack on your heart… a blood cocktail anyone??

Elvira Halloween Costume
Sultry Elvira

Another dark temptress out on All Hallows Evening  is our sultry Elvira, she is beguiling but watch out!…

Pirate Princess Costume
Pirate Princess

She is a Pirate Princess and she has joined the Spooks to steal the treasure of the evening, so guard your candy and beware!

Dracula the Dark Prince
Dracula, The Dark Prince

Oh the evil in his eyes!! Don’t look too deeply or you will be lured to the land of the undead!

Ghost Costume
Ghostly Spook

The trouble with a ghost costume at Halloween is that it is all too easy to come home with the wrong Ghost! … or perhaps multiple ghosts, we gained a few ghosts throughout the night but they were returned safely to their own spooky homes… here’s one we kept.

Green Skeleton Costume
Skeleton of the Green Goblin

Skeleton of the Green Goblin defending his candy… I wonder how his parent managed to get him to sleep!

The two evil temptresses
Elvira making a deal with the Devil

I love this image it looks like Elvira is about to do a deal with the Devil, and the She Devil is planning to take her soul in return!

Lachlan as Dracula
Son of Count Dracula

Where ever the dark prince goes there also goes his son.  Lachlan is also dressed as a very scary Dracula!

Pirate Costume
Pirate Attack

“Ahh me hearties” I am the ghost Captain of the Pirates and I will be taking your candy!”

Witches Costume
Wicked Witch

All Hallows evening and the witches were out in force, flying on broomsticks and terrorising the children!

Witches costume for Halloween
Watch out! More Witches

Such a sexy ugly witch… watch out children! I think she will lock you in a cage and fatten you up for dinner!

More Halloween ideas
Another of the Dark Prince and his Black Cat


Child's Pirate Costume for Halloween
A Shy Pirate

George is looking like a shy pirate, not one about to collect the mother load of candy loot whilst trick or treating!

Homemade Thriller Zombie Costume
Thriller Zombie Rises

The night of the living dead has the Thriller Zombies stirring from their graves and dancing the familiar dance of the undead.

colourful witches costume for Halloween
The Cutest Witch of all!

The cutest little witch of all is just “Too Cute too Spook.” Gorgeous Olivia.

Bad Santa and Elvira
Bad Santa Putting it on Elvira

Bad Santa was living up to his reputation and Elvira was top of his list of temptresses to pursue…

Halloween Party
Bad Santa!!

Oh Gee!! Can someone call Santa’s Elves… I think it is time Bad Santa went to bed!

Halloween Costume Ideas
2012 Halloween

I am initiating a Halloween Roundup so that we can all blog hop around the internet and see what wonderful food and costumes came out on “All Hallows Evening” this year.

Skeletor Proving that Smoking Kills


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