A Loaf of Bread

I had a dream last night that I was walking through the most delicious smelling bakery.  In my dream I inhaled a giant lungful of the delicious aroma and was then floating around on a cloud made of the baked bread smell.

Slowly I began to wake from my very satisfying dream to find that the aroma was still present.

Wrapped Bread

I listened but couldn’t hear any sounds that would indicate an intruder was baking in my kitchen. I knew I hadn’t put the bread maker on… I hoped I hadn’t left the oven on, but it was clearly a bread baking smell, not the smell of a dirty oven.

I inhaled again, could it be toast cooking… no, it was definitely freshly baked bread I could smell, a completely different smell to that of cooking toast. Regardless of what this intoxicating aroma was, it didn’t appear to my sleepy nose that anything was burning so I went back to sleep.

Having completely forgotten about the nocturnal happenings of the previous evening, I came down into the kitchen to receive a wonderful surprise. Sitting on the bench were two freshly baked loaves of bread.

Loaf of Bread
Fresh Baked Bread

They had been wrapped in a clean tea towel and included this note. My seventeen year old who is about to get his P’s in about three days had been at work at the pizza shop. When there was left over dough at the end of the evening he decided to be thrifty and brought it home to bake bread.  He had been so quiet the only thing that had awoken me was the smell of the bread cooling in the tea towel.

I can’t tell you how proud I was as a mum.  I have raised a considerate, conscientious young man who I am confident will continue to grow into a self sufficient, valuable member of society. It is moments like these when the teenage hormone battles we had, or the temper tantrum two’s seem totally insignificant, and so long ago.

I also love the fact he knew not to put hot bread in a plastic container!

Loaf of bread with a message
“The Note”

As much as I wanted to go down to his room and give him a big kiss and cuddle, I decided he would probably appreciate the sleep in more so I let him sleep… in his messy room, in peace.

In case you wish to make a loaf of bread yourself here is my recipe

Bread Recipe


510gm Bakers Flour

8gm dry yeast

310ml warm water

5gm sugar

5 gm salt

20mls oil


You can either spend 17 years raising a child and hope to teach them cooking skills or…

Throw everything in the bread maker and set it to turn on 3 hours before breakfast.

I hope you enjoyed my story, I know it isn’t really a food or travel story but it is moments like these that make my heart swell and I just need to share.

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