Waste Not, Want Not – Eggs

I have had a bit of a dilemma lately, I have been cooking a lot of recipes which use either the whites or the yolks of the eggs, but not both. Now, I absolutely hate wasting food, so this has been a real problem for me. There is no way I could throw away perfectly good product.

Waste Not, Want Not - Eggs

I have been looking for ways of using the residual ingredient. Trouble is I am in search of quick and easy recipes. I need recipes which use the leftover part of the egg and gets me out of the kitchen with barely any extra effort.

I am looking for lots of recipe suggestions! Can readers help me by contributing ideas? Email me with your thoughts on ways of using up egg whites or egg yolks. As I try the recipes I will add it to my recipe page, complete with pictures and acknowledgement of the contributor.  For easy

For easy reference, there will also be a list of recipes updated to this page including the contributor’s name or website.

Here is the start I have made;

Egg Whites

Turkish Delight Meringue

Turkish Delight Meringue


Egg Yolks

Greek Shortbread

Greek Shortbread-2


Mayonnaise (I am looking for the tastiest, easiest recipe)

Lemon Curd (I’m not happy with the recipe I have so please suggest)

Thinking caps on please people. I need your help! In the meantime, I have a recipe to show you an example, Greek Shortbread, pictured above.

I have been making macarons lately, and my recipe uses three egg whites, and no egg yolk. Once I have piped the macarons on a tray and they are waiting the half hour before they can go into the oven, I make Greek Shortbread to use up the egg yolks.

This biscuit is made in the food processor it takes about 1 min to pulse the ingredients into a ball. The macarons go into a slow oven and by the time they are cooked I have shaped the shortbread. Macarons come out of the oven and in goes the shortbread. Clean up gets done and the shortbread comes out of the oven. Two recipes completed in the same time as it would have taken to do just the macaroons

So help me out readers email me, or add your suggestions in the comments section.

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