Bridge Rd Brewery

Oh and looky where we are again… The Bridge Rd Brewery! Who could resist this gorgeous boutique brewery with its 10 sampler of beer and delicious gourmet pizza, definitely not us! After all, we are on holidays.

Bridge Rd Brewery is located in the picturesque town of Beechworth hidden behind the Tanswells Commercial Hotel on Ford St. The building started life 150 years ago as the hotels coach house and stables so it is full of yesteryear charm.

Walking inside we are immediately intoxicated with the aroma of malt, hops and freshly brewing beer. There are a series of wooden clad vats which hold the Bridge Rd range of beers. We stand and watch the brewers climbing around the vats undertaking the various beer related jobs.

Although it is only about five degrees outside, at the moment the coach house is surprisingly cosy. This could possibly be due to the open fire and an abundance of gas heaters. The walls are made of a rough historic red brick and the look of the room is very rustic which adds to its charm.

We perused the beer menu and found that at any given time the brewery has at least ten of their own beers on tap. Mr GG has a difficult time choosing just one and decides on the sampling plate which includes a seven of each beer.

We decide to settle in for the afternoon in front of the fire and choose two pizza’s from the gourmet selection to tide us over until dinner.

The beer tasting plate is served on a wooden slab with cut outs for the glasses and a forged iron Ned Kelly mask. We are also given a tasting sheet which describes each of the beers on the platter. I was pleased to note that we had a good range to sample. The mix included cider, pale ale, Indian pale ale, my favourite the Hefe Weizen which was a German style beer, through to the darker ales and a porter.

I am sure all the guys can sympathise with my husband. Whilst he did get to sample all the beer varieties, naturally I kept the ones I liked best. Poor Mr GG was left with the ones that weren’t my favourites. He was a very good sport about it though, and seemed to quite like the complete selection on tasting. He did say that his favourite was the pale ale. Of course my own greediness was borne out of my duty to fully inform readers and not at all for personal gain 😉

The Brewery kitchen features a delicious selection of gourmet pizza’s, homely meat pies which uses their own porter beer and pretzels with a “liptauer dip” which includes caraway seeds and paprika.

After reading through the menu we decide we can’t go past the Garlic Prawn Pizza, the list of ingredients was amazing. I love a pizza with two cheeses this one boasted; fresh tomato, garlic, chilli, bocconcini, prawns and Meredith Goats feta. Oh and it tasted as good as it sounds. It was so deliciously garlicy and salty, the pizza base was thin and crisp. It was simple and yet so delicious.

The other pizza which had me intrigued was the Roasted Duck Pizza. The list of ingredients for this one started with the same fresh tomato and bocconcini, but then moved onto the more exotic. The idea of roasted duck, red onion, oregano, a drizzle of Peking sauce and topped with fresh orange had me sold and salivating.

What appeared before us was a gastronomical treat. The flavour was of Chinese style Peking duck pizza meets duck a l’range. It was a taste sensation! I am a little embarrassed to add that although we had dinner plans for the evening, hubby and I polished off both of these large pizza’s without any help from the kids.

The range of gourmet pizza’s a Bridge Rd Brewery is truly delicious. On another trip to the brewery we have tried two different pizzas and the pretzels and they are also what food dreams are made of, (check the link).

Since our visited we have discovered that the secret to the amazing pizza base is in their dough. Apparently Maria’s (also imported from Austria) uses a very liberal amount of the breweries Bavarian Wheat Beer in the dough, giving it a light crisp airy quality.

I have a few tips to ensure that you maximise your enjoyment at the brewery.

Firstly, book your seat at the fireplace. The brewery does take bookings and it is always busy! The best seat in the house is by the fire.

Secondly go with friends and share a tasting plate of the ten beers as a starter, then choose your favourite beer from there to settle in with.

You have to try the pretzels with dip!

Stay for a pizza or two but make sure you leave room for the strudel!

This is on my list of places to come back too!

Bridge Rd Brewery

Reservations ph: 03 5728 2703
Ford Street, Old Coach House
Beechworth Vic 3747

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