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We are available for travel & tourism projects large and small.

We are both experienced photographers and are gradually introducing our work to Gourmet Getaways (where appropriate) however due to us only taking over the website at the beginning of 2017 you may prefer to view our work elsewhere.

Matt is a Landscape and Location Photographer for which you can view his work at and Gerri being a qualified chef is both a food photographer and landscape/wildlife photographer, you can see her work at

We are available for travel & tourism projects large and small.


We offer a variety of advertising placements and solutions for products and services that fit within the Gourmet Food and Travel Niche, whether that be accommodation, flights, packages or goods. Contact us for more information.


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In the day to day running of Gourmet Getaways and in our own private ventures we use a variety of tools and products, such as travel gear, photography gear, kitchen wares and everything in between. If you feel you have a product of value and want us to road test or review it we’d love to hear from you.

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