Urban Expresso Lounge – Review 2

Mr GG and I had the opportunity to steal ourselves away midweek for a quick lunch. As we haven’t been to Urban for a while we decided to return to this popular jetty strip cafe. When we arrived it was buzzing with people, but the service was still quick and friendly.

Tropical Fruit Frappe
Tropical Fruit Frappe

Usually I would order a coffee but I had already reached my quota so I chose a tropical fruit frappe.  It occurred to me that it might be a a little less “special” without the Malibu and Bacardi I add to my fruit frappes at home but I decided I would take that risk.

Mr GG, who usually orders a banana smoothie everywhere we go decided to mix it up a little too and settled on a fruit smoothie.

Tropical Fruit Smoothie
Tropical Fruit Smoothie

As we waited for our drinks I pondered what a fruit frappe would actually taste like without the usual cocktail kick. As it turns out the frappe was quite nice, but it seemed like it could have used a little more fruit.  It was a little watery and not that sweet. Mr GG fruit smoothie had a lot more flavour, and he enjoyed his change from the usual.

Art Print in Urban Cafe
Art Print in Urban Cafe

We perused the menu and there were two dishes which immediately grabbed our attention. I decided I had to try the Szechwan Spiced Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid. When it arrived it was served with a Thai styled crunchy salad, caramalised lime and a generous serving of black pepper Aioli.  The flavours were all perfectly matched, and I was making loving, groaning sounds from the first bite.

Sichaun Prawn Salad
Szechwan Spiced Crispy Salt & Pepper

The squid was covered in the most delicious spicy crumb.  The flavour of Szechuan was distinct on the squid although it was not overly hot. The crumb was a lovely crisp coating for the tender squid which would just melt in my mouth.

Salad of Harissa Spiced Lamb

Mr GG had chosen the Salad of Harissa spiced lamb salad, a dish which I had also contemplated trying. The lamb was succulent and moist with a delicious spicy Harissa coating. The salad consisted of baby spinach, chick peas, roasted capsicum and a lusciously creamy labnah.

Beer Battered Fries
Beer Battered Fries

We had also ordered a serve of beer battered fries with our meal.  I rarely get excited over chips, I can honestly say I don’t usually even try more than one, but these were the exception. I have never sample such amazingly soft, creamy chip innards before. The outer chip had a super crisp, batter layer that still makes me weak at the knees. So delicious and BAD!  I dipped chip after chip in the rich creamy aoili.

Mr GG watched on… he had never had to share his fries with me before.

Urban interior
Urban Interior

Both the dishes were absolutely gorgeous! Mr GG and I were in a wonderful food bliss, very content and with full tummies.

I have reviewed this destination already, so I guess we could consider this an update.  I hadn’t intended to write a second review but the dishes were so amazing it really warranted a revisit, and a shout out.  So great job Urban Expresso!

Oh… and I will be going back again and again for the Szechwan Spiced Crispy Salt and Pepper Squid.

Urban Signage
Urban Signage

Urban Expresso Lounge

384a Harbour Drive
Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450

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