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Mr GG and I are making the most of “The Sunshine State’s” extended warmer weather, and enjoying another mini getaway to Queensland’s playground, the Gold Coast. It is just three or so, hours drive from Coffs Harbour, and with cheap flights from Sydney and Melbourne you would be crazy not to take a well deserved break from time to time.

Love this sentiment!

We really enjoy having a weekend away to swim in the warmer waters, do a little outlet shopping, and bask in the gorgeous sunshine. It is so easy to wind down after a busy working week with a night or two in some gorgeous accommodation, and a lazy brunch after a morning swim.

Red Frog Café Signage

Today’s brunch is at The Red Frog Cafe, 2012 Savours “Best Restaurant Breakfast – Gold Coast.”

Red Frog on the Wall

I loved the red frog climbing up the wall.  Underneath froggy old recipes had been photocopied and wallpapered randomly on the wall.  It looked very effective with the black painted background.  I had a look at the recipes and they were all wonderfully retro.

Red Frog Catering Award

I also noticed the signage on the cappuccino machine and a banner outside announcing the café as winner of the Savour best café breakfast award.  Seems our tummies are in good hands.

Banana Smoothie for Mr GG

GG is a creature of habit so as usual ordered his ever faithful banana smoothie. Naturally I sampled a mouthful and when he asked me what I thought I just looked at him and said , “you were lucky to get it off me!” He laughed, but between the kids and I we devoured more than our fair share of his smoothie. It was made with banana, malt, milk honey and ice-cream and the mix was thick.

Children’s Menu

The children menu arrived on a clipboard.  The menu was laminated and on the reverse the children found a wipe clean education activity sheet.  Staff were happy to provide the children with textas to use on the activities and a cloth to wipe the activities clean.  With the children entertained Mr GG and I set down to the task at hand… choosing a meal.

Red Frog Cheese Burger w Homemade Spicy Relish

There were a lot of delicious sounding meals.  Some of the salad combination’s were incredibly tempting.  Eventually Mr GG settled on The Ultimate Cheese Burger w Crispy Beer Battered Fries.  Hubby’s burger was served with caramelised red onion, homemade spicy relish and bread and butter pickles.  When it arrived the aroma was amazing the burger had two different varieties of melted cheese and a big fat juicy meat patty on an incredibly soft bun.

This burger was dripping with deliciousness! It deserved the title of “The Ultimate”. The crispy beer battered fries finished the meal perfectly… only a few more would have been nice.

Corn Fritters w salmon and Avocado

I had to have the corn fritters option! I have  weakness for this dish, and when I spotted it on a menu served with avocado and smoked salmon I seem to have eyes for nothing else.  My corn fritters were exactly as I enjoy them, light fluffy and full of corn, but not deep fried . I added a serve of creamy goats cheese feta to the order, and it took the dish to another dimension. Smoked salmon and avocado belong together, and with the creamy garlic aioli dressing, and tart feta I could not have been happier with my meal.

Children’s Cheese Burger

The surprise meal was the children’s cheese burger; it was almost as big as Mr GG’s burger.  The main difference in the two burger’s being the children’s cheese burger used a regular commercial tomato sauce, and the gourmet extras were missing. The rolls, juicy burger patty and cheeses were exactly the same, it was a burger which was well appreciated by my mini gourmets.

Red Frog Café

1863 Gold Coast Highway

Burleigh Heads QLD 4220
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Red Frog Business Card

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