The Cardamon Pod – Broadbeach QLD

Another free weekend see’s us once again taking advantage of our proximity to the Gold Coast. The extended summer, sandy beaches and blue skies is always enticing, but this time we were visiting a good friend, who has recently moved to Brisbane.

We decided to meet at the Carrara markets for a bit of shopping prior to lunching at Broadbeach. Somehow we had never made it to these markets, so I thought I should remedy the oversight.  In all honesty it was a very lack lustre experience compared to other markets.  The Carrara markets are on every Saturday and Sunday, and most stands are of a permanent nature.  The retails are predominately selling cheap overseas products, at anything but cheap prices. The food was uninspiring and it wasn’t too long before I was prepared to admit defeat. There was truly nothing of interest to be found.

Carrara Markets Pony Rides
Anais @ Carrara Markets Pony Rides

After consulting a map we found a children area with pony rides.  Little Anais chose a pony by the name of “Princess” who had pink plaits with ribbons in her mane, and a sparkly love heart on her bottom.  Anais loved her ride around the markets on Princess but Locky was looking for something a little more.

Carrara Market Bungee
Locky doing backflips @ Carrara Market Bungee

My acrobatic son chose the Bungy trampoline and proceeded to do back flip after back flip until I was so dizzy I couldn’t watch anymore.

This signalled the end of our market experience, and with no tasted options in sight we headed to The Cardamom Pod in Broadbeach.

The Cardamon Pod Group Photo
The Cardamom Pod Group Photo

The Cardamom Pod is a funky looking Vegan/Vegetarian restaurant which was absolutely packed on our arrival.  Decorated in a mix of hippy retro meets Hawaiian cabana style it is a true eclectic mish mash of chic which absolutely worked to create a unique ambiance.  We choose one of many comfy cushioned corners where we had the choice of velour upholstered antique Georgian chairs or a bench seat covered in astro turf and funky cushions.

Above our table, hurricane lanterns and jam jars were hanging from driftwood, and filled with roses and other cottage garden flowers.

The Cardamom Pod
Maurz making the most of the funky wallpaper background

There was a floral wallpapered wall that Maurz and I couldn’t help but act like starlets in front of… yes I am a dag, but I keep good company 😉

The Cardamom Pod
Posing @ The Cardamom Pod… yes we are dags 😉

After a few poses, and taking the time to fully appreciate our surroundings it was time to order. There was a blackboard menu for desserts but the lunchtime menu is ordered directly from the bain marie. Hot food is on one side with cold food on the other.  All the food looked so wholesome and delicious.  It took some deliberating but eventually I chose a mixed plate of three hot dishes including rice for $21.  The dishes were vegetable kofta balls in a rich tomato sauce, a lentil and Eggplant Moussaka and at the recommendation of a fellow dinner the Quinnoa Bake.

The Cardamom Pod
Eggplant Moussaka, with Kofta balls and Baked Quinoa

For Mr GG I ordered a Cheese & Spinach Samosa with spiced tomato chutney and a mango chutney for $16.  This dish came with a choice of two salads.  My salad choices were “Tangy Cauliflower and yoghurt w Lentil” and a “Roasted Eggplant, baby carrot with Chick Pea Salad”.

Spinach and cheese samosa
Spinach and Cheese Samosa w mixed Salads

Just for safe measure I also added a pumpkin and feta salad bowl for an additional $9.00.

Roast Pumpkin & Feta Salad

The meals were very generously portioned and I was pleased to have not ordered any more food. Our three dishes were enough to fill the insatiable teenager, a hungry hubby, two little children and myself.

Double Salad Plate
Double Salad Plate

Maurz choose a mixed plate of two salads, the first being the “Roasted Pumpkin and Feta Salad” and the second being the “Cauliflower Salad” for $15.

All the meals were delicious and it felt good to be nourishing our bodies with such healthy delicious food. I couldn’t help notice that the cafe had been awarded best vegan/vegetarian on the coast by ??? I would have to agree.

The Cardamom Pod

110 Surf Pde

Broadbeach Qld

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