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I have always said I am not a breakfast person, but I do need my coffee first thing. I knew there would be a danger in choosing to purchase my morning beverage from a French patisserie, firstly there is the obvious problem of being tempted by a multitude of delicious dessert, not really a problem I know, but still something worth thinking about.

Patisserie Petites
My choice of “Patisserie Petites” for breakfast

The second problem was authentic French staff with very strong, lovely french accents. Not such a problem until the very charming waiter had difficulties with my simple order.

The order was a skinny cappuccino and a croissant. When asked if it was takeaway or sit, I  pointed to my seated husband and said we are having it here.

Window Display Mme G
Window Display @Mme Grenouille

I also added that we would try a selection of  6 petite patisseries from the display.

Patisserie Display
Patisserie Display @ Mme Grenouille

After a short time the petite patisseries arrived in a takeaway box?? Hmm, okay….

When they arrived I thought I should confirm that the plain croissant would be served with jam and not bagged. To this query I received only a totally perplexed look.  I was told “un moment” the docket was retrieved from the counter and of course the croissant was absent from the docket.  I reordered and paid for the croissant. It was easily fixed so no harm done.

Cafe Mme G
Deco @ Mme Grenouille, Broadbeach

Then I began to feel a little concerned for my coffee!

So far this experience had been very authentically French, beautiful and elegant in appearance, charming to look at, with more than a hint of the laissez faire in the delivery.

Croissant with Jam and Butter
Croissant with Jam and Butter on a plate.

Sure enough, shortly after the croissant arrived (on a plate! yeah, that was a win) my coffee was also delivered. In a takeaway cup?? Seriously people, and no complimentary little home baked cookie which accompanied everyone else’s coffee.

Skinny Cap or Regular
Skinny Cap or Regular… I still don’t know?

I was asked “Did you order a takeaway cappuccino” naturally I answered “N,o I ordered a skinny cap to have here.” The waiter said, “So do I put this in a cup for you? ” in a very thick, goddammit, still charming, if not hugely condescending french accent.

What is it with that accent that makes every word sound like romance!

So naturally I said the coffee was fine how it was, thus forgoing the cookie and the photo opportunity.

How was the coffee I hear you ask? Like a typical French coffee in France, fine if you are in need of a coffee urgently, but quite weak and milky. I should have gone to an Italian barista! There in it lies the third problem with going to an authentically French cafe for your morning. You would never know France and Italy share a border!

Delicious Patisserie Petites
Delicious Patisserie Petites from Mme Grenouille

On the upside, the coffee had taken a little while so I decided to make the desserts my breakfast! Mr GG and I sampled the petite treats starting with the glazed fruit tart.

This is a favourite of mine as I find the delicious sweet fruit the perfect compliment to the lush creamy creme patisserie. I was in heaven from the first bite, the pastry shell was impossibly thin, buttery and crisp. Oh I am in love.

Next we sample some layered chocolate goodness, again the sponge was light, thin and sweet with gorgeous layers of chocolate. If breakfast was always this good I may be more tempted.

One by one we demolished the tray of cakes and I have to say they were all just so gorgeous. Made like only the french can.

If I now have you wondering whether I enjoyed the experience or not I have to say I really don’t know… I am obviously somewhat under a french spell. It was obviously much cheaper to have gorgeous perfect french pastries with mediocre coffee, lack lustre service and arrogant French attitude here at the Gold Coast rather than in Paris.  But then I have been back to France twice and plan to go again. So I guess the acid test is, would I go back to this cafe? The answer is sadly no, I wouldn’t. There is nothing really wrong with MMe G but there are too many good places for coffee to put up with something less than great.

Mme Grenouille Business Card
Mme Grenouille Business Card

…even ordering took way to long for a takeaway.2669 Gold Coast Hwy

Broadbeach QLD 4218

Phone:(07) 5538 3111

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