Lurleen Restaurant – Sirromet

You would be forgiven to think you are in the middle of nowhere as you drive along Mt Cotton Rd toward Sirromet Vineyard. The vineyard is perched on top of the mountain with a glorious view over Redlands Bay. We have made the drive out to sample something a little different for breakfast at the Lurleen Restaurant.

Sirromet Lurleen Restaurant
Sirromet Lurleen Restaurant

Lurleen Restaurant is located on the gorgeous Sirromet Vineyard Property. Arriving at the property we were in awe of this gorgeous vineyard. The vines were covered in gorgeous green leaves and fat grapes, the sky was blue and clear and the views from the restaurant were breathtaking! The waitress told us that on a clear day diners can see all the way to Moreton and Stradbroke Island. There were certainly a lot of islands in view but I’m not sure which ones we could see.

We were visiting Sirromet during a weekend gourmet getaway on the Gold Coast. Lurleen’s offers a “Once in a Lifetime Breakfast” which includes fresh steamed lobster, Tasmanian smoked salmon, asparagus, truffle, soft poached eggs, Australian salmon caviar, served on a toasted muffin with hollandaise sauce & glass of Seven Scenes Sparkling Pinot Chardonnay. It seems like a great way to start the day and a nice alternative to the Gold Coast strip for breakfast.

The restaurant is quite large and very busy but we are seated straight away and before too long I have a coffee on the way and we are looking over the menu. Mr GG is having the “Once in a Lifetime breakfast and I decide on the Vegetarian Breakfast for something a little different.

Lurleen Restaurant - Sirromet
Lurleen Restaurant – Sirromet

As part of hubby’s breakfast, he is served a glass of bubbly, this is definitely a very relaxed way to start the day. The staff are really friendly and courteous, filling water glasses and attending to the children. I confirmed with the waitress that the water we could see in the distance was, in fact, Redlands Bay, she agreed and named each of the islands in the distance. We could happily laze around the vineyard all day. I have no inclination at all to return to the real world.

Lurleen Restaurant - Sirromet-2
Lurleen Restaurant – Sirromet- Vegetarian Breakfast

Our breakfast arrives and my meal is huge, the vegetarian breakfast includes scrambled eggs, tomato, asparagus, spinach, hash brown, garlic mushrooms, baked beans, grilled halloumi cheese, avocado, and an English muffin. It was absolutely amazing the scrambled eggs are so creamy, the Asparagus crisp and fresh, and the homemade baked beans are just gorgeous. I loved every bite but even with help from the two child, en we didn’t finish.

Lurleen Restaurant - Sirromet-3 - Lobster Breakfast
Lurleen Restaurant – Sirromet – Lobster Breakfast

Naturally the highlight of the morning is Mr GG’s breakfast. It absolutely lived up to its name. The plate looked amazing and there were generous amounts of lobster, smoked salmon, caviar and truffle. The hollandaise sauce was rich and luscious, with two large shavings of black truffle. The flavours were perfectly matched and although it is a breakfast you wouldn’t have every day… it really is something you must experience.

The whole morning was an absolute treat. There is a feeling of total tranquility, and breakfast here has certainly set the tone for a relaxed, indulgent weekend.

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