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Terrigal Beach

How is the return to the daily grind treating everyone?? Are you already thinking about the next chance to escape and relax on the beach… or the opportunity to laze in a beer garden, enjoying a nice cooling ale, while watching the waves break in front of you.

Where is this far away oasis of sun and summer? Well, really it is not so far! It is just one hour north of Sydney, but it might as well be a million miles away.  The feeling here is of complete relaxation. The foreshore is full of shops, cafes, restaurants and a perfectly position hotel and terrace, with shaded seating to take advantage of the view over the water.

Terrigal Beach-2

The area reminds me of Bondi Beach or Coogee fifteen years ago, when you could still get a car park! The difference with Terrigal is there is a distinct holiday feel about the area. There are families playing in the sand at the beach with little children, couples having a romantic moment, and groups of “twenty somethings” enjoying an escape.

The Terrace Bar Terrigal

We decided to soak up some of the atmosphere in “The Terrace Bar” at the Crown Hotel, which overlooks the beach. A lazy hour or two was spent watching the people go by and enjoying the company of our friends. Mr GG was pleased to see the variety of beers available on tap, he returned with a Fat Yak Pale Ale and a Stella.

Michelle Carlyle

Our companion was pretty happy with the Reches Pilsner on tap and his lovely partner had a Cider.  We enjoyed the opportunity to just catch up, and spent a cruisey afternoon watching people coming and going.

We all agreed that the ideal place to stay would be the Crown Hotel with its gorgeous view over the water. It is central to all the restaurants and shops and you would never need to use your car. There are so many other interesting accommodation ideas in the area.  We noticed holiday houses to rent in the local Real Estate agents windows and B&B signs on a lot of the cottages and houses near the beach.

Le chat noir terrigal

We checked out a few of the restaurants and have ear marked two for a return visit. The first was Le Chat Noir.  When I first visited Paris I ate a meal in a restaurant by the same name in the Montemartre area. With such a French name it is obviously a French restaurant and the menu draws me, I am beginning to regret that we have already made dinner plans elsewhere.

Cookie Monster Cupcakes

We continue wandering through the shops when a blue furry monster grabs my (and the children’s) attention. His beady little eyes beckon us all into the store aptly named “The Sweetest Things” The children choose their favourite treat and I “ohh” and “ahh” at the gorgeous creations.

Coastal tapas Terrigal

We continue to peruse the shops and restaurants when we notice “Coastal,” a gorgeous little Tapas Bar with a delicious sounding menu.  We are tempted to stop in for a jug of Sangria and a few nibbles but it is getting late, and with reservations at Bells Killcare we reluctantly move on.

coastal tapas Terrigal-2

It has been an extremely relaxing day.  This is an area I would like to spend a lot more time exploring when time permits.  So next time you are lamenting the working week, and you want a change in scenery, what about a couple of days at Terrigal Beach. Don’t forget to have a jug of Sangria for me!

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