Happy Australia Day!

The sun is shining and it looks like it is going to be another hot Aussie Day here in Coffs Harbour! So what are your plans for this great day?

Diggers Beach
Diggers Beach near Aanuka Resort, Coffs Harbour

I will be beaching it with the kids!

Diggers Beach
Diggers Beach with a storm brewing!

Mr GG is away on a camping “bucks party weekend” at a remote bush campsite on the beach, about 50 kms away, so the kids and I are having a low key affair this year.

…on that point, a quick question if I may? Who goes camping in the middle of no where for their bucks party???  In the boys defense though, they all bought enough booze to sink a battle ship!

Australia Day Beach Ball
Australia Day Games @ Aanuka Beach Resort

Anyway, back to Australia Day. The kids and I are keeping it simple this year.

I have made icy poles to keep us cool!

These are a very simply idea that the children can make with you.

Australia Day Ice Blocks
Ice Blocks for Australia Day

Australia Day Icy Poles


  • Red soft drink, or cordial (personal preference)
  • Lemonade
  • Blue Gatorade or cordial
Australia Day Popsicals
Keeping cool with Australia Day Icy Poles


Add the blue liquid to the bottom third of the ice block molds. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours until almost set.

Add the lemonade leaving one third space in the top of the ice block.

Refrigerate for two hours and then add the red liquid. Place the paddle pop stick into the mold and freeze overnight.

There we have it, a simple thirst quenching treat for Australia Day.

Kangaroo Pockets
Kangaroo Pockets

Kangaroo Pockets

For our little picnic on the beach we are having Kangaroo pockets, a cute play on words don’t you think 🙂  I love kangaroo meat as it is a very high iron, lean protein. It is also a great choice for dish like pies and sausage rolls as the flavour comes through nicely.

Recipe to follow next week as they also make great lunch box food for back to school.

Australia Day Cocktail
Australia Day Cocktail

Aussie Cocktail

…and to finish a special Australia Day cocktail just mum…


30 mls Grenadine

30 mls Blue Curacao

30mls bacardi

Diet lemonade



Choose you favourite cocktail glass and fill it 1/3 with ice.

Add the grenadine to the bottle of the glass.

Carefully add the blue curacao and Bacardi to the glass.

Very carefully top with diet lemonade.

So there you have it folks, a simple and delicious Australia Day spent on the beach, and keeping cool.

What did you do this Australia Day?

Did you make something special with an Aussie flavour… why not add a link to your Australia Day using the linky tool in the comments section.

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