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It is funny that the restaurant which is closest to my house, and has one of the nicest outlooks in Coffs Harbour is one which I have never sampled.  Mr GG and I were discussing our lack of dinner plans one night when we realised the oversight.

Diggers Beach
Looking @ Diggers Beach from Finz Restaurant

Happily this was a very easy situation to remedy. We simply tidied the children up, and marched them down the beach track which leads to Aanuka Resort and Finz Restaurant.

Upon arrival we were given two children’s activity packs, a little reminder that this is family friendly resort used to hosting little ones on holiday.  Each pack consisted of pictures to be coloured, crayons, find-a-words and other activities to keep the children amused.  Meanwhile hubby and I got down to the serious task of admiring the view and choosing a wine.

Sample of Kids Activity Pack
Kids Activity Pack

Our waiter was very friendly and helpful, he suggested that we may be interested in the two course meal special which included a glass of house wine for $52 per person.

Perusing the entree menu was a challenge!  Every entree listed was a dish I felt I simply must try!! I even considered choosing three entrees instead of having a main meal! Eventually Mr GG and I decided on the two course special. I chose the pork belly on the proviso the Mr GG would have the Prawn and Salmon Stack… I really needed a taste of that!

The children ordered from the “Little Nippers” menu.  Very reluctantly I have to say I was a little disappointed in this menu.  It was much less inspiring!  This surprised me as it is an award winning family friendly resort, and they had really impressed me by giving out little beach themes activity bags to the kiddies.  But the Little Nippers Menu was so boring and typical, not what I was expecting from this family resort.  Have a guess what four items were offered… yep, fish and chips, chicken nuggets and chips, burger and chips, steak and chips.

Burger and fries Image
Children’s Buzz Burger

We ordered the children a Junior buzz Burger each.  I was expecting a tiny soft sugar bun, a  meat patty and chips on the side. I have to say I was really pleased with the meal that was put before the children.  The burger was served “Aussie Style”. It was a full sized burger,with a home style salad on the bun (including beetroot), a big meat patty, generous slice of cheese and a nice dollop of sauce. On the side was an appealing side salad that little Miss A devoured in no time, and the boy completely ignored.  There were also some chunky beer battered fries that we used as bribery.  The children were happy, and so were the adults.

Two red wines on a table
A Glass of Red Wine

Adding to the adults benevolence was the Five Judges Shiraz.  This was the house wine our smiling waiter delivered as part of our set menu. It was a lovely wine with a full fruit flavours and beautiful soft tannins. I was totally smitten.

Pork Belly Entree
Twice Cooked Pork Belly

Our entrees arrived and I was so happy with my choice.  The Pork was totally and deliciously indulgent, crispy, salty crackling and melt in the mouth meat. Served on a bed of green apple sauce, balsamic reduction with  fresh poached caramelised pear. Honestly every mouthful was amazing… I nearly did not want to share…

Salmon & Prawn Stack Salad Entree
Salmon & Prawn Stack

Remembering Mr GG’s Salmon and Prawn stack I graciously offered a bite on my entree… obviously I quickly returned the plate to it’s table setting.  Mr GG had a deliciously fresh looking stack which consisted of crunchy sprouts and a crispy poppadom layered on a bed of salmon and finished with sea fresh prawns and a sweet honey mustard mayonnaise. It was an entree just bursting with flavour.

Our mains were a complete surprise!  There had been a mix up in the kitchen and instead of the “King Henry Pork Chop” served on a bed of soft polenta, capped with homemade fig jam and a light Calvados cream, hubby was served the “King of Steak,” a 400gm rib eye fillet on the bone accompanied by whipped potato, mushy peas, crispy fried onion rings and a red wine jus. The waiter immediately realised the mistake and asked if we wanted the meal or a replacement. We decided that since the table next door was eating the pork dish we would keep the “King of Steak.”

Plated Steak and Deep fried Onion rings
Rib Eyed w Mushy Pea & Cripsy Onion Rings

Although we have done “red wine jus” for at least the last ten years now, the steak itself could not be seen as a disappointment.  It actually did look quite regal, and rather delicious! We did however swap our meals around a little.  The steak appealed to me more than hubby so I took the “surprise meal” and hubby settled on my main.
So the swap was made I had the most delicious big, beefy, smokey, charred eye fillet with a thick rich red wine jus, mushy green peas and a cream mash potato, just as the menu predicted.  The “piece de resistance” was the the crispy fried onion rings in such a light, thin, batter, I was craving more. So satisfying and homely.

Jewfish w Saffron Linguine
Crispy Skinned Jewfish w Saffron Linguine

Mr GG had my crispy skinned Jewfish with the lovely soft salt flakes, yellow saffron linguine, tomato concasse and fresh steamed asparagus.  We swapped tastes of each dish and my immediate reaction was “where is the “Lemon Beurre Blanc.”  For me without the lemon butter flavour it was just a little/lot, lack lustre. Hubby was however very happy with his surprise dish so no harm was done.

During our main our lovely waiter came over and advised us that he was topping up our wine, compliments of the house. It may have only been a dash of wine to top up our glasses but we were happy with the gesture.  We each enjoyed our meals.  I understand that things don’t always run to plan in a kitchen… and I had no objection to the Rib Eye, the meals were lovely!  I would still like to try the King Henry Pork on another visited. What was lovely was the service and how the error was handled.

In case you are wondering the dessert menu is also rather delicious looking! I have already chosen two desserts that I simply must try… I think I may also pop down for some of their homemade cinnamon ice-cream, I feel it would be a much deserved, end of night treat…

Aanuka Beach Resort
Aanuka Beach Resort

So I guess after this story I have a few questions.  How do you feel when there is an error in your order at a restaurant?… For me, I am usually so indecisive when I order, that it doesn’t really phase me what comes out of the kitchen as long as the flavours are right and the dish is cooked well… What would you do in this instance? … and most importantly, what would you like the restaurant to do as a sign of appreciation?

Aanuka Beach Resort

Finz Restaurant
11 Firman Drive
Diggers Beach
Coffs Harbour, NSW 2450
Ph: (02) 6652 7555

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