N2 Extreme Gelato

The Extreme Ice-cream Lab
N2 The Extreme Gelato Lab

Extreme Gelato, the name sounds ominous, but when you discover that nitrogen is used to instantly freeze the “made to order” gelato and sorbet bases, the name seems very appropriate.

Ice-cream Signage
Ice-cream Signage at N2

So on this very hot summer’s day in Sydney I decided to take the family to N2 Extreme Gelato for a taste testing and a lesson in the science behind these frozen treats.

There are only limited flavours on the menu but I still had a difficult time choosing.  I had heard that the buttered popcorn and the peanut butter gelato were both amazing but they had already sold out!

Test Tube Gelato N2
Beakers of Extreme Gelato

Little A loved watching the mad scientists in the lab coats taking the beakers filled with magic potion and adding them to the mixer. She was in awe as they used the nitrogen to freeze the mixture result in a cloud of ice which obscured view as the magic happened and the potion became delicious frozen gelato.

N2 Lab Extreme Ice-cream
The Walrus Gelato being made at N2

The first flavour to take my interest was the Walrus Delight which was described as a rose gelato, pistachio nuts and chocolate chips. I love Turkish delight and little Miss A will eat anything pink so this was our first choice. It was even more delicious than expected. The pistachios were crunchy and fresh and the rose gelato creamy and full of sweet Turkish delight flavours, the chocolate chips added a little more richness.

Rose & Pistachio Gelato
The Walrus Gelato @ N2

Locky loves a chocolate ice-cream so he wasn’t going to be swayed in his choice by my desire to try more unique flavours.  What the boy wants on a hot and sticky day, the boy gets.  His chocolate gelato was a very rich creamy, something a true chocoholic would thoroughly enjoy.

Mango Sorbet
Mango Sorbet @ N2

Mango Sorbet is already a family favourite but Extreme Gelato has made it an absolute taste sensation. My first mouthful of this lush smooth sorbet was like taking a huge bite of the sweetest ripe fruit you have ever tried. The flavour was intense and addictive.

Gorgonzola & Hazelnut Gelato
Cheesy Fore – Gorgonzola & Hazelnut Gelato

The last gelato ordered was the Cheesy Fore… yes you read this title correctly! Cheese Gelato… whatever next? Described as a Gorgonzola gelato with mixed nuts.  It wasn’t my favourite gelato but I do have to say it was okay.  The Gorgonzola flavour actually matched the sweet ice-cream well.  I perhaps would have like the blue flavour a little stronger and a touch of honey added to the mix. The combined flavour would then remind me of a tasty dessert cheese and nut platter.

Lab Extreme Ice-cream
Making Mango Sorbet @N2

It’s quirky and a bit of fun, the gelato flavours are EXTREMELY Delicious, I will be back to sample the peanut butter and buttered popcorn flavours.

Oh and I do love this astro turf out the from of the shop, we sat and out our gelato on the “grass”
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