Eating Your Way Through Sicily – A Guest Post

I have an Italian treat for you today!

A story written by a guest blogger.  Tis story has started me thinking,  I have always chosen my holidays based on the food I love the most.  Two of my favourite food movies are “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “Eat Pray Love.”  Both of these movies had me falling in love with Italy, the romance, the architecture, but most importantly… the food.

Take a look at this clip:

Pizza Scene from "Eat Pray Love"
Julia Roberts Eating Pizza in Eat, Pray Love

Makes me want to eat pizza in Italy right now! … anyway that’s enough from me.

Imagine yourself in Sicily
Picture yourself riding on a Vespa through a narrow alleyway. Wearing a suit, you spot an attractive young Italian sipping on a Macchiato at a cafe. You catch the attention of the attractive young Italian, whom then proceeds to wave you over to his or her table. The two of you seem to be forming a bond almost instantly, and you decide to go out for dinner. After that, you finally decide that you will see each other again sometime soon – hopefully before you leave town. You two exchange contact information and try to make the long distance relationship work out. Of all things that you remembered about Sicily, it is the food that is the most poignant. Eating your way through Sicily is quite an adventure!

Delicious Food, Vibrant Culture
A bad day in Sicily beats a good day in the office. With the best beaches, food, and wine in the world – visitors to Sicily will be delighted by what they see upon arrival. Sicily is known around the world for its delicious food and vibrant culture. Many people fantasise about visiting this part of the world. The Sicilian cuisine alone should be enough to convince you to visit – from seafood, pasta, desserts, and wine, Sicilian cuisine suits all taste buds.

Street scene in Sicily
Street Scene Sicilian Ave -Image Courtesy of Steve Cadman – Flickr

Beautiful, Paradise-like Weather
When you visit, you will enjoy the comfortable climate and warm atmosphere, which will make you feel like dancing. Winters are mild, and summers are beautiful. Sicily is surrounded by the sea, so seafood is in the majority of Sicilian dishes. This makes Sicily a real paradise on earth.

Sicilian pizza
Sicilian Pizza w basil leaves -Image courtesy of Steven Depolo/

Plenty of Seafood Dishes
Some of the different menu options will look slightly strange, such as squid or octopus. One of the best seafood dishes is Frutti di Mare, which features mussels, sun-dried tomato, and a variety of other different seafood items combined into an olive oil pasta.

Plenty of Options Other Than Seafood
If you do not like seafood, there are plenty of other options for you. Pasta dishes are abundant. Sicily has many different types of spaghetti, each with their own flavour and zest. Pasta di alla Norma features eggplant and herb and is covered by a rich tomato sauce.

Freshly made Sicilian Pizza
Sicilian Pizza Image courtesy of scotbot | Flickr

Don’t Forget the Pizza
Sicilian pizza is known throughout the world for its spicy, flavour-filled taste. Sicilian pizza is rich in meat, and Sicilian pizza chefs only add the freshest ingredients to their pizza. Fresh mozzarella from a local dairy farm, tender and rich sausages, and sun-dried tomatoes for the tomato sauce comprise the typical ingredients in a Sicilian pizza.

Sicilian Desserts Known Throughout the World
After filling yourself up on squid or spaghetti, remember to save room for dessert. Sicily is where the Cannoli came from. Cafes in the rural towns sell their desserts for very cheaply. Gelati can also be found at local ice cream parlours for very inexpensive prices as well.

World’s Best Beach
Toward the south coast of Sicily on the Island of Lampedeusa, Rabbit beach has recently been chosen as the best in the world. One of the most notable features of the beach is that it has an unspoiled landscape. The sea is so clear that you can see the bottom of the ocean when looking down. When the sky is blue and the weather is sunny, the water is warm. It is a great place to spend some time and soak up the sun.

Sweet, Delicious Wines
After a long day exploring Sicily, sunbathing on Rabbit beach, and taking all of the sights in – it’s time to relax with a glass of wine. Even if you don’t like wine, you will probably enjoy a glass of Moscato for its sweet taste. Sicilian grapes are very sweet, so the local wines tend to be among the highest quality imaginable.

Image of a temple in Sicily
Valley of the Temples, a UNESCO World Heritage Site Image courtesy of avlxyz | Flickr

Book Your Dream Trip to Europe Today
If you have always dreamed of visiting Sicily, look for affordable flights to Europe by comparing online today! It is easy to dream about making the trip of your lifetime, but you won’t be able to experience travelling through Europe until you make the trip. You will not be able to have the same cultural experience by eating at your local Italian restaurant. Once you have sampled olives from the top of Mount Vesuvius or tomatoes that were grown under the Sicilian sun, your local Italian restaurant won’t be able to measure up to Sicilian cuisine.

Thank you to Scott for writing this delicious article on the wonders of Sicily. I will certainly be adding it to my growing list of place I must “eat my way around”…


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