Dilmah Real High Tea NSW Finalist!

Good morning everyone and happy happy Monday to you all!!!

…hmm that may sound a little too bright for a Monday morning but I had something very exciting happen on Friday and I am allowed to share my secret!

A little while ago I entered the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge. Applicants were required to enter a recipe of their own design which included as an ingredient, one of the tea’s in the Dilmah range.

I enjoy the Dilmah Rose with French Vanilla Tea so I submitted a dessert using this tea.

On Friday I was told that the judges were interested in my dessert and I was to be judged in Sydney as one of the twelve NSW finalists!

The judging is based on how well contestants use local produce in harmony with the Dilmah tea to produce a delicious High Tea treat.

The aim of the competition is to ‘put the tea back in high tea’ and preserve the High Tea tradition and the overall winner of the challenge will be experiencing the ultimate culinary experience in Sri Lanka!

So my job over the next two weeks is to perfect my dessert! Wish me luck everyone!

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