Coolangatta Estate Vineyard & Guest Accommodation – Berry NSW

Coolangatta Estate Winery
Coolangatta Estate Winery

Stepping back in time, we arrive at Coolangatta Estate Vineyard on the South Coast of NSW.

Coolangatta Estate Vineyard Berry

This historic site was first established by Alexander Berry in the 1800’s after he received a land grant from the crown.

This historic site was first developed by Alexander Berry in the 1800’s after he received a land grant.

The town of Berry, 10 minutes to the west bears his name, Coolangatta was the site of his homestead and village.

Coolangatta Estate
Coolangatta Estate Berry NSW

Fast forward 200 years and the Coolangatta cottages, servants quarters, convict shed, etc. have been restored as a unique and historic accommodation property.

Servant Quarters at Coolangatta Estate
Servant Quarters at Coolangatta Estate

Always on the lookout for somewhere a little different to explore I decided to book hubby and me into the estate for the night.

Coolangatta Estate Accommodation
Coolangatta Estate Accommodation

Upon arrival, there were rolling green hills, many of which were under vines bearing plump, deep red grapes.

The feeling is relaxing and tranquil.  We got the key to the coachman’s house which was to be our home for the evening.

Coachmans House Coolangatta Estate
Coachman’s House Coolangatta Estate

Sensibly it was located across from the restored stables. It still fills me with wonder that not so long ago a horse and cart were a necessity to travel.

Stables Restored Accomodation
Stables Restored Accommodation

Walking around my mind wandered to what it must have been like to live in the 1820’s.

Berry had made a request to the governor for the land in 1822.

The land was granted to Berry as he agreed to take 100 convicts off the governor’s hands.

This represented a saving of 16000 pounds over ten years to the new government.

The new colony was short of food, money and resources so this was a favourable arrangement for the governor.

Coolangatta Estate Restaurant
Coolangatta Estate Restaurant

The convicts were put to work on the property, producing food, wood for ships, shipbuilding and running cattle.

The buildings are a testament to how productive and self-sufficient the property needed to be to sustain its occupants.

Many of the convicts chose to stay in Berry long after their sentences.

Coolangatta Estate Signage
Coolangatta Estate Signage

While the history of the property is fascinating, I was looking forward to trying some of the Coolangatta Estate wines.

Grape vines had featured on the original property over the last 25 years.

The property has produced 24 vintages, and the grapes used have been 100% from grapes grown on the estate.

There are now nine different grape varieties covering 10 of the 130-hectare property.

Coolangatta Estate Wine Range

Coolangatta Wine Range
Coolangatta Wine Range

Andrew Spinaze of Tyrrell’s Winery in the Hunter Valley has been the chief winemaker for Coolangatta Estate since the vineyard began.

Under his direction, the Coolangatta Estate has emerged as the region’s most successful winery.

Coolangatta Estate has a cellar door and a licensed restaurant on the grounds.

We made our way over to the cellar and met with our friendly host who was full of more historical information and a wealth of vineyard knowledge.

Coolangatta Estate Semillon 2013

Our tasting commenced with the Coolangatta Estate Semillon 2013, described as a vibrant Semillon on the tasting notes.

The aroma of the wine was citrusy and fresh, and the colour a light straw.

On tasting the initial flavour was crisp and grassy supported by more creamy full palate experience.

I noticed the citrus notes which had been in the aroma again in the finish.

My favourite wine on tasting at the estate.

Coolangatta Estate Savagnin 2012

The 2012 Savagnin was another favourite.  In case you are wondering, the spelling isn’t a typo.

The grape is unique and no relation to the Sauvignon Blanc variety.

The Spanish Savagnin grape planted at Coolangatta Estate due to the similar climate experienced on the South Coast to its native Spanish home.

On tasting the wine, there were delicious peachy flavours and a crisp citrus finish.

We tried a few of the reds, and I was pleased to see Chambourcin featured in the range.

The Chambourcin is a grape that Port Macquarie winemaker John Cassegrain introduced to the area.

In the Coffs Coast & Hastings River area, it’s a favourite grape for red wine.

Coolangatta Estate acquired vines from Cassegrain Wines in 1993.

Coachhouse Bedroom
Coachhouse Bedroom

Returning to the Coachman’s House to prepare for dinner reminded me of visiting nanna’s.

The decor is very much 1940’s.

Pink painted walls, floral curtains, dark wood furniture and two fireplaces are the stand out features.

Anywhere else the look might not have worked, here it added to the feeling of being immersed in history.

Coachmans House Dining Room
Coachman’s House Dining Room

Nanna did include some modern comforts in the room.

The room had a flat screen TV, comfy bed with gorgeous thick white linen, air-conditioning and free Wifi.

Coachmans Kitchen Fireplace
Coachmans Kitchen Fireplace

One last thing, did the name Coolangatta confuse you at all?

The name is Aboriginal for good view or good lookout and was given to the area by Berry in 1822.

The Queensland namesake acquired the name Coolangatta after a ship which wrecked off the coast of Queensland in 1846.

The boat had been built in 1840 at Coolangatta NSW and given the name “Coolangatta”.

Six years later it was wrecked off the Queensland coast. Sand miners found the remains of the wreck in 1954.

Such an interesting history!

Are you fascinated by our Australian history as much as I am? It seems impossible that these times existed not that long ago.

It has been an incredible experience learning about the history of the area and staying in such a historic property.

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