Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant

Hello GG readers!

Let me take you to another Filipino treat which I am certain you will appreciate. This time to a bake shop that has created a buzz in Manila.

A sudden craving for something leads me to enter in a trance. Or perhaps, a state of frenzy. This holds true for a certain yearning for this delectable dessert. One fine day, my sweet craving connived with my body to lunge for Mango Bravo. This bestselling cake was introduced a few years ago by Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant.

conti pastry shop and restaurant logo
Conti’s Logo

There is a well-known branch of Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant in Global City in Metro Manila. The branch is strategically situated in Serendra, a garden residential establishment. Serendra has an open, airy atmosphere that is excellent for dining.

A nice park to walk at Bonifacio High Street
A nice park to walk at Bonifacio High Street

Global City is a highly urbanized district in the metro. It is conducive to walking especially after office hours. This was why I decided to traverse the equally popular High Street on my way to Conti’s. 

Bonifacio High Street Stretch
Bonifacio High Street Stretch

After an entertaining 10-minute tread, I was already at the location. Right across Serendra is a commercial centre known as Market! Market!

A mall right across Serendra called Market! Market!
A mall right across Serendra called Market! Market!
Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - occupied tables
Occupied Tables from the outside

From a distance I could see the outside tables being occupied. I bit my lip with the hopes that the early patrons had left a piece of my “holy grail”.

Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - counter
Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant – counter

I was quite familiar with the restaurant’s setup. My focus was on the inner right side where the cake fridges were. I felt tension building up. I was not ready for a No-Mango-Bravo-Left day. The tension was subdued by the smiles of the waitstaff. So I asked with all positivity, “You still have Mango Bravo for me, right?” The counter girl flashed a huge smile. She knew her inventory well and replied there were two cakes unreserved.

Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - Mango Bravo
Mango Bravo – whole

I was in ecstasy! Beaming with the result, I invited my partner to dine in. My treat (yeah)! For the meantime, this to-die-for cake was going back to the fridge.

Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - assorted pies
Freshly baked assorted pies

I stayed a few seconds at the counter to savour the aroma of the pies. These freshly baked assortment were another favourite takeaway bunch. But I was happy with my cake.

Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - Menu
The Menu – Conti’s

We were seated near the wall where I had a quick appreciation of the interior. Then I flicked through the menu and ordered soup.

Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - interior
Wood interior

I had the Soup of the Day – Cheesy Vegetable. It arrived after just a little over five minutes. I quickly took a spoonful while it was hot. The crunch of the vegetables blended well with the cheesy, thick soup.

Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - Soup of the Day
Soup of the Day

I always had a penchant for salads. Julie’s frequent readers would remember my visit to the Sands Resto Grill and Celadon Thai. So I  ordered the Symphony Salad for starters. It was composed of lettuce, grapes, nuts and egg. The special dressing made it taste similar to Celadon’s Mango Apple Salad. A certified yum!

Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - Symphony Salad
Symphony Salad with Special Dressing

It was also my first time to try the Soft Shell Crab. I would have deferred so as to not compromise a first encounter. It had a perfect crisp but the starchy taste was a bit of a letdown. The flour overpowered the crab’s natural taste.

Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - soft shell crab
Deep-fried soft shell crab

In Julie’s visit to LaMesa Restaurant in Sydney she discovered that the Philippine cuisine was strongly influenced by Spain. I spotted Callos in the menu, which I ordered next. The subtle flavour of the stew was a perfect host to the soft, tender slices of ox tripe. I loved this dish, second to Ilustrado’s version.

Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - Callos
Callos – ox tripe

Now there was no time for delay. Time for my holy grail. But uh-oh, my partner wanted something else! A famous cake that made a name in Filipino pastry shops. It was here even before Conti’s Mango Bravo era. I am referring to the Sans Rival.

Conti Pastry Shop and Restaurant - Cashew Sans Rival
Cashew Sans Rival

I instantly felt like entering a second trance. Conti’s used cashew instead of the usual peanuts to top the chewy layers of meringue. They also tamed the use of butter. It was a well-balanced version of Sans Rival. True to its name, this cake was arguably unrivaled.

Mango Bravo yummy slice
Mango Bravo yummy slice

Trance and frenzy won the battle. We ordered the two majestic cakes. A slice of each to end our scrumptious meal. Layers of meringue, chocolate cream, cashew, chunks of frozen Philippine mangoes – all in one Mango Bravo slice. Superb!

Craving satisfied, it was one bravo experience.

So next time you’re in Manila and aching to have a dose of cakes, you are guided on where to go and what to choose to begin with :).

Conti’s Bakeshop and Restaurant

Unit 1C-17 Serendra, Bonifacio Global City

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