Coffs BEST Chips – It’s a “Chip Off”

Whether your a visitor to the Coffs Coast or a local, I’m sure you’ve wondered where to go, to get Coffs best chips. After all, what’s better on a lazy weekend than ordering a serve of takeaway chips, sitting in the park, and watching the waves break onto the beach.

Tasting Coffs Best Chip
Tasting Coffs Best Chip

We have some amazing hot chips on the Coffs Coast, but I want the perfect chip! So this made me wonder, who makes Coffs best chips?

Molly Malones Takeaway
Molly Malones Takeaway

With so many chip outlets in Coffs, I knew the dilemma was bigger than just one person. I’ve tried more than my fair share of chips. I “may” be a regular at Molly Malones and Banancoast Seafood, I have a secret love affair with Attitude chips, but what if the best chips were yet to be discovered by me?

Attitude Burgers - Jetty
Attitude Burgers – Jetty

Maybe I was missing Coffs Best Chips! To answer this important question I knew I would need help. I decided to pose the question to some dedicated Coffs foodies.

Sea Salt Jetty - Coffs Best Chips
Sea Salt Jetty – Coffs Best Chips

I asked the big question on the Gourmet Getaways Facebook page followers.  Who makes Coffs best chips? It was a simple question but the responses were passionate. We obviously have a lot of great chips on the Coffs Coast, and fans wanted their favourite chip to win the title.

White Salt Woolgoolga
White Salt Woolgoolga

We posted a poll on the Facebook and ended up with 30 nominations that spanned Red Rock to Sawtell. The votes came thick and fast. The poll was shared on followers pages far and wide. After some serious voting we had our top nomination for “Coffs Best Chips.”

Coffs Best Chips Survey
Coffs Best Chips Survey

I was one step closer to knowing the answer to “Who makes Coffs best chips?” But now we needed to put the chips to the ultimate test. We needed to taste the top nomination.  The only way to have a definitive answer was to munch on some crispy golden fries.

First 5 Chips Arrived Ready for Judging
First 5 Chips Arrived Ready for Judging

It’s a tough job… so we looked for assistance. We needed a panel of chip judges to share the burden of choosing the Coffs best chips. 10 volunteers from Gourmet Getaways Facebook Page offered to help me with the all important “chip off.”  These dedicated chip experts put on their “stretchy,” chip tasting pants, and sacrificed their Sunday afternoon to eat chips at the Jetty Foreshores. Their job was to contemplate the merits of each potato fritter.

Judging Coffs Best Chips
Judging Coffs Best Chips

Given that we needed to purchase and transport the top 9 chip nomination from the vendor to the Jetty Foreshores, these selfless chip experts also acted as chip fairies. They collected the chips from as far a field as Woolgoolga, Coramba and Lowanna for the ultimate chip tasting.

Weighing in the Chips
Weighing in the Chips

When the chips arrived at the Jetty Foreshores they were weighed, and put into numbered bowls ready for our blind tasting. We collected some important information from our “chip fairies.” We needed to know the cost of each serve of chips and the wait time.

While our esteemed chip judges deliberated over the merits of each chip I put together some interesting statistics.

Firstly from the 9 takeaway chip outlets we had purchased 3.976kg of chips. This meant our judges were facing a mountain of nearly 4kg worth of Coffs Coast Fries!

Chips from Sea Salt Jetty
Chips from Sea Salt Jetty

“Cheap as Chips”

Short on cash but starving?  From our Top 10 list of Coffs best chips we have also found the cheapest chip on the coast.

  1. Molly Malone’s – 478gm of luscious chips for just $3.80  = 80c per 100gm
  2. Lowanna Takeaway – 430gm of crispy fried goodness $4.00 = 93c per 100gm
  3. White Salt – Woolgoolga – 554gm of hand cut chips $6.00 – $1.09 per 100gm
Attitude Burgers Chips
Attitude Burgers Chips

“Chips on the Run”

Staving but in a huge hurry. Want to know who, in our Top 10 list, will get you fed the quickest?

  1. White Salt – Woolgoolga – You’re out the door in just 3 minutes
  2. Lowanna Takeaway –  Don’t sit down your chips are done in 5 minutes
  3. Attitude Burgers – This busy burger place will have you eating golden fries in just 6 minutes

Coffs Best Chips

Remembering that out of 100’s of takeaways on the Coffs Coast, locals voted these takeaway chips into the Top 9. All the chips we tasted were amazing. There are no losers in this list.

Our judges scored the chips out of 15.

  1. Sea Salt Sawtell – 110
  2. Attitude Burgers – 109.50
  3. Sea Salt Jetty – 108.50
  4. Molly Malone – 93.50
  5. Coramba General Store – 90.50
  6. The Roost – 89.50
  7. Bananacoast Seafood – 86
  8. Lowanna Takeaway – 78
  9. White Salt Woolgoolga – 77

Voting was tight, but the winning chip was decided purely on taste!

Excited Chip Judges
Excited Chip Judges

I would like to say a special thanks to our Chip Judges & Chip Fairies. Without you guys this mammoth chip event would not have been possible.

  • Lisa Irving
  • Dannyel Alford
  • Debra Maugher
  • Rodney Jones
  • Bianca Hensman
  • Mathew Hayward
  • Carlie Cummings
  • Edward Gleeson
  • Jessie Smith
  • Brett Carlyle
Tasting Coffs Best Chip
Tasting Coffs Best Chip

So take some local chip advice, grab some fries, sit on the beach and watch the waves.  Anyone of these babies is sure to satisfy.

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