Cactus Republic Burrito & Tequila Bar – Southbank

Here is a quick, little story to get you through hump day… I still find that expression strange.

Not so long ago we had a family function in Brisbane. The following day a group of twelve family members including children decided to have a lunch at Southbank.  (I will tell you about that another time).

Swimming at Southbank Brisbane
Southbank Brisbane

After the meal mum wander off and was nowhere to be found. Mum is not usually a wanderer so it was unlike her.  We called her mobile a few times and left messages, but this 5 foot nothing lady had vanished. Eventually I sent the rest of the family over to the pools for a swim and went in search of mum.

During my search I noticed the Cactus Republic Burrito & Tequila Bar.  The neon Margarita sign had my full attention! That was where I wanted to be!

Cactus Republic Sign
Cactus Republic Burrito & Tequila Bar

I wandered through the markets and looked at some of the stalls while I searched the crowds for mums familiar face.

Candle Making Kit
Candle Making Kit @ Southbank Markets

I was just about to give up the search when my phone rang. It was mum!

Tea cup candle
Candle in a Teacup

Since the Cactus Tequila Bar was conveniently located at the intersection where mum went missing I used it as a landmark and told her to meet me there.

Cactus Republic
Cactus Republic Burrito & Tequila Bar

Yes, I did have an ulterior motive. While the rest of the family were swimming I was kidnapping mum, and we were going to drink cocktails.

As it turns out I could not have chosen a better location. The bartender was a finalist in the Queensland Suntory Cup and we were in for a treat.

Margarita Cocktails
Margarita Cocktails – Delicious

The first two cocktails were chosen from the menu. The bar serves both frozen and shaken Margaritas, I chose to have the shaken variety whilst mum had a frozen strawberry margarita.  My favourite was the shaken but it was way too easy to drink.  A couple of quick slurps and that baby was gonesky!

The staff were really friendly and attentive even though the restaurant was full. They were chatty with the diners and helped give the bar its happy personality. Overall the feel of the place was young, fun and a little quirky.

Bartender Cactus Republic
Queensland Suntory Cup Finalist

Taking images for Gourmet Getaways is a very conspicuous task. Once staff realised I would be photographing the cocktails they handed me over to “the gun” Brendan Slater. Brendan offered to prepare his signature drink, “The Passionate Kiss.” Now how can a girl refuse an offer like that!

I tried to photograph and take notes, but it was a construction masterpiece that is well beyond me.  Suffice to say the Midori, pineapple and passionfruit were blended with ice.  Then the strawberry liquor and strawberries were crushed to a pulp in a glass. The two components were then swirled attractively into the serving glass, giving two colour, texture and flavour profiles in the one amazing cocktail.

Passionate Kiss Cocktai
A Passionate Kiss!

Mum and I took our cocktail to a table with a view of the markets. We sipped our cocktail and watched the world go by.  There was no shortage of people to watch in this hectic scene,  and I am quite sure we were taking it in from the best vantage point.

We watched the meal come out of the kitchen at surprising regularity, giant nachos serves and burritos, next time we are in the area I will be choosing to share a nachos, and stay until the sun sets.

So I hope my story has relaxed you. If there is any moral to this story it is probably that I should not be left in charge of a heading a search party…

Mum and I eventually made our way back to the group just as they were packing up ready to take the ferry home…
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The Cactus Republic Burrito & Tequila bar is located;

Stanley Street Plaza

Shop 30BB

Southbank QLD 4101

Ph: (07) 3844 0878

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