Black & White Wednesday #4

Black & White Wednesday

When we think of food images we mostly think of styled, full colour shots with drippingly delicious close ups. Not many food images are captured with black & white in mind.  Having said that I love black & white photography and anyone who knows me will attest that just about every image in my house is B&W.

So when I heard about Black & White Wednesday hosted by Susan of “The Well Seasoned Cook” I thought it would be a good opportunity to put down my fork, and work on something a little more arty.

Coffee Beans

I might even share the odd tip, although there isn’t a lot of magic to black and white. I find the key is selecting the right image to start with.

Davids Fine Coffee Davids Fine Coffee Black & White

I chose this image because it has an appealing repeating pattern with some interesting textures. I like it better in the black and white than the original colour.  I feel that it’s a lot more punchy.

What do you think?

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