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How was your Mother’s Day lovely readers?

I attended the christening of my two beautiful nieces in Brisbane.  I am now a very proud God Mother to these beautiful little princesses.

I caught up with one of my big boys, who also lives in Brisbane and was celebrating a birthday over the weekend.  He was my Mothers’ Day present the year he was born xx. What a precious gift.

Then hubby, myself and the two little ones returned to Coffs Harbour.  As we neared home I felt less happy about returning to the house without visiting “number one son”. I knew we wouldn’t see him until the following day as he was working until late.

We were all tired, but we still needed to eat!

Amalfi's Pizzeria
Amalfi’s Pizzeria

Lucky my eldest son is also the buff blonde lad working behind the counter at Amalfi’s Pizzeria.  He should be able to sort out a meal for his mother on Mothers Day 😉

So if my children can’t come to me for Mother’s Day, I will go to them 🙂

Jacobs Creek Reserve Shiraz
A bottle of Jacobs Creek Reserve Shiraz

…and that is how this year, my Mother’s Day dinner was red wine and pizza.  Not just any pizza, but the delicious Amalfi Pizza where my blonde boy is particularly conspicuous amongst the all Italian family that have run the pizzeria for the past 11 years.

When I say this a pizza place I love, I realise that having a son working at Amalfi’s does make me a little partial to the restaurant.  Having said that, just look at this warm fluffy cheesy, garlic bread, drizzled with olive oil, salted, and with just the right amount of chilli!

Cheesy Garlic Bread w Chilli
Cheesy Garlic Bread w Chilli

It is so melty, delicious, soft and gooey, all the things that cheesy dreams are made of, I dare you to try and resist.

Almalfi’s is an extremely popular pizza place, the orders come in thick and fast for take away and tables can be scarce!

Mussels with Pasta
Mussels with Pasta

I stood at the counter for a while so I could watch the eldest cook pizza. We had been away all weekend so I check the condition of the house (its good to be fore warned). It seemed that the house was still standing and there may have even been some laundry done!  While the important things were being discussed there was some really delicious looking meals going out. These mussels caught my eye, and the aroma of garlic was delicious. I started to have “order envy!”

Salt & Pepper Calamari
Salt & Pepper Calamari

Do you ever look at the meals the waiter is serving and wish you had made a different choice? What a shame I hadn’t checked the specials board!

The Amalfi Pizza
The Amalfi Pizza

Nevermind, I was happy with my pizza selection. I had chosen the Amalfi, from the gourmet range, toppings included pancetta, artichoke, bocconcini, fresh basil, capsicum, asparagus and fried eggplant.  It was delicious! There is less cheese on the Amalfi pizza’s so I find the topping flavours really shine through and they aren’t oily.

The Special Kids Pizza
The Special Kids Pizza

For the little ones we chose an Amalfi special from their traditional range of pizza’s. The toppings were ham bacon, mushroom, capsicum, onion and pineapple.  Again the flavours were delicious and the children managed to eat all but two pieces.

The pizzeria itself my be a little on the rustic side but the food is good honest home cooked Italian fare. The cooking is a family affair with no pretence. Mama Antonella still comes in regularly to keep the boys in line.  She is responsible for the home cooked gnocchi and the pasta sauces.

Emilio is the older brother and was born in Italy, he is responsible for the meals on the specials board and the desserts. The desserts are his specialty.  He tells me he has a sweet tooth and designing desserts for the restaurant is the way he unleashes his creative side.

Luca making Pizza
Luca making Pizza

Luca is the younger brother and he turns out the pizza’s like a pro!

Spinning and flipping the dough for each order.

I had been contemplating the dessert board when I heard the waitress tell a customer they were all out of desserts. It seems you need to get in early to sample Emilio’s creations. Just as we were thinking of making a move home, my gorgeous boy came to the table with a surprise!

Gracie Bella
Gracie Bella Dessert

With a kiss on the cheek and a “Happy Mother’s Day” he delivered the most amazing dessert. Courtesy of Emilio and Amalfi’s Restaurant.

The Gracie Bella dessert was sitting in a sweet river of light butterscotch sauce. The bottom layer of the dessert was an almond shortcrust style base.  It was buttery and rich, with a sweet almond flavour similar to marzipan but so much more delicious.  Next was a layer of thick, gooey, fudgey chocolate, I couldn’t help myself, I kept coming back tto the chocolatey goodness. The falvour of the chocolate was so familiar but I can’t place where I have had it before. Next came the ice-cream, perfectly positioned  to balance the dessert with some cool creamy vanilla. It was all topped off beautifully with poached pear, giving the dessert a lovely fresh fruity finish.

What an amazing way to finish Mothers Day!

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Amalfi Pizzeria Restaurant

Shop 10

42 Moonee St  Coffs Harbour NSW 2450

Phone: 02 6658 0033

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