2013 Taste of Sydney

It was blue skies for as far as the eye could see for the Saturday lunch session, of the  “2013 Taste of Sydney“  food festival.

Centennial Park was the venue for this four day event which saw restaurants and top chefs showcasing their signature dishes for public enjoyment. Producer displayed delicious samples of their finest wares, there was live entertainment and interactive classes all aimed at lovers of fine food.

Mr GG and I were attending “Taste of Sydney” courtesy of Jeroxie from “Addictive & Consuming” and Stellar Concepts PR. Prior to attending I had researched which of Sydney’s finest restaurants would be in attendance and perused the menu with great care. I decided on a list of food I just knew I wouldn’t be able to go past.

So let’s get straight into the spirit of “Taste” with a sampling of the food.

Four In Hand Signage
Four In Hand

Four In Hand

Roast Suckling Pig with sweet coleslaw and Roast Potato wedge. After seeing the two little suckling pigs rotating around the spit I knew this had to be our first dish of the day.

Cooking pig on a spit
Suckling Pigs on a Spit

It was absolutely amazing, if I could eat this again and again I would. The pork just melted in my mouth and coleslaw was sweet and yummy!

Sydney Taste
Suckling Pige w Coleslaw and Wedges

Three Blue Ducks

Right next door was Three Blue Ducks.

3 Blue Ducks Restaurant
Three Blue Ducks Menu

Duck Salad w chilli jam, snow pea sprouts bean shoots and cashew nuts.

Duck Salad from Three Blue Ducks
Duck Salad w Chilli Jam

This was a delicious explosion of flavour. A crisp salad, crunchy cashew complimented the tender gamey duck meat.

The Cut Bar & Grill

Braised Beef Shortrib w anchovy gremolata and cauliflower puree.

The Cut Bar & Grill
The Cut Bar & Grill Shortribs

Oh God, more amazing deliciousness. Melt in your mouth meat, salty delicious gremolata and comforting smooth cauliflower puree, I will need to have this dish again!


Efendy Restaurant Sign
Efendy Restaurant

Scotch Fillet Cha Kebap on a charcoal spit eggplant & Kasshar Puree

Efendy Restaurant @ Taste of Sydney
Scotch Fillet Kebap w smoked Eggplant

Deboned Roasted Sheep Head w Garlic & Cherry Tomato Tandir

Efendy Turkish restaurant
Efendy Signature Dish Deboned Sheeps Head

…just so good!!! The meat and the eggplant were cooking away over the coals as we tucked into these heavenly dish. So much flavour!

Efendy Dessert Table
Efendy’s Turkish Dessert Table


Jonah's Restaurant
Jonah’s Restaurant

Grimaurd Duck w pickled plum, lemon verbena, Kohlrabi and roasted almond picada

Jonahs Restaurant at Sydney Taste
Jonahs Duck w Preserved Plum

This was our only disappointment, I have always had this restaurant high on my list of places to visit.  Mr GG and I have always intended to have a Gourmet Getaway in one of the ocean front suites and enjoy a meal or two in the restaurant. This dish was served at room temperature and judging from the appearance had been sitting on a table out the back for quite a while.

I understand that producing meals at a festival is difficult, but all of the above restaurants dishes were a resounding success because the dishes were cooked in-situ.  No need to dwell on the negatives because the day was nothing but a positive experience.


Sensology Bar
Sensology Cocktail Making Classes

– The Art of Cocktail Making –

My favourite part of the day was the cocktail making with Sensology!

Sensology Bar Setup
Sensology Bar Setup

Mr GG and I joined the Mojito making class.  The guys taking the class had the group salsa dancing while everyone took a place at their own individual bars settings.

We sliced, muddled and swizzled our way to the most delicious and refreshing Mojito.  Both hubby and I had so much fun making the cocktails.

Sensology Mojito Cocktail
Slicing Lemon for the Mojito

The true test was in the finished product! It was the most delicious, refreshing cocktail, and so easy to make when you are shown how!

Now that I have added the Mojito to my cocktail repertoire I have informed Mr GG that I will need a muddler.

Making a Sensology Mojito
Sensology Mojito

With Mojito in hand we moved on to the Tasmanian Marquee.

The Tasmanian pavilion was very popular!

Guests were invited to “taste the Tasmanian” difference with a huge variety of producers exhibiting the most wonderful gourmet offerings.  The region certainly has reason to boast.

I couldn’t go past the Huon Salmon stand. It was filled with the most delicious salmon products. I sampled the cold smoked salmon and it was absolute music to my mouth. Huon Salmon is the only brand I will buy in the supermarket because the farms are located in the beautiful fresh Tasmanian waters.  I have seen where the fish are farmed and the Tasmanian environment could not be a more ideal location.

I was also pleased to sample a new Huon Salmon product, which I have not yet seen in the supermarket.  Huon Premium Smoked Salmon Dip! Yum, it was the most amazing flavour and garnished with salmon roe, brought it to absolute perfection.

I have to apologise for the lack of images, I was preoccupied sampling. I did get a rough idea of the recipe for the dip so I may have to try and make my own Huon Salmon Dip in an upcoming story.

Image of Wagyu Pie
Wagyu Pie

As we were leaving the Tasmanian Pavillion the aroma of pies drew us back to the Tasmanian Bakeries pie oven.  We had to try the Wagyu party pie. Crispy pastry with a lush meaty filling, delish.

The Pernod Absinthe Cocktail

Would you sample a glass of green potion from this man?? What if the liquid was called the “Pernod Green Beast”?

Pernod Cocktail
The Green Beast!

Sample it we did; and it was the most amazing cocktail! The lime and cucumber complimented the spicy absinthe perfectly and with a “healthy” amount of ice and water it was just the refreshing kick we needed on this hot day.

I have never tried Absinthe before as I find the whole concept a little scary! I always thought it would be silly strong and I would black out… hence the name. I could not have been more incorrect. The spicy flavour was delicious!

Pernod Absinthe Display
Pernod Absinthe Display

I collected one of the Pernod cocktail brochures and if I can translate the recipes from French to English I will share it with readers.

Tyrrell’s Wines

I have a soft spot for Tyrrell’s Wines, firstly it’s a family owned Hunter Valley Vineyard with a history of over 150 years winemaking. Secondly they consistently produce great wines. There are not too many labels that I can confidently pick up any bottle and know that I will enjoy the wine.

Chilling Tyrrells Wine
Tyrrells Wine Bucket

I took the opportunity to sample the Fordwich Verdelho 2012.  I enjoy Hunter Valley Verdelhos; they are light crisp with tropical fruit flavours. This was a perfect example of the style, it is a wine well suited to a picnic in the park… which is exactly what we are doing today.

Tyrrells Shiraz Image
Tyrrells Shiraz was a favourite

I also tried the Brokenback Shiraz 2010 which was a lovely mellow red.  It was soft and plummy with a gorgeous silky finish. This will be the Shiraz I turn to this winter.

The Happy Goblin Brewery

Mr Happy Goblin was very generous with his samples, and after trying the product Mr GG called me over to show me what he had found. I suspect so that he could have another beer or two while I tried the homemade lemonade and coke.

Happy Goblin Beer
Happy Goblin Beer

I have to admit the soft drinks were not what I was expecting, the coke was amazing, full of natural spice flavours. The cloves and cinnamon were dominant and the soda was not overly sweet or syrupy as it namesake, but more a lovely, refreshing light drink, perfect for this hot day. The lemonade again was fresh and crisp, not in the least syrup, but with a lemon squash flavour.  Both were delicious!

Happy Goblin 6 Pack
Happy Goblin 6 Pack

Mr GG was enjoying the beer drinking session with the Happy Goblin and I overheard him organising to have one of his own micro brewery kegs filled with Happy Goblin Beer! Seems that the Goblin will be joining us at home, on tap  in the kegorator.

Wine & Truffle Co

Mr GG can vouch for the fact that I have been craving truffles lately.  It is out of season so I have had to make do with truffle oil and other truffle flavour delicacies.

Truffle Hill Truffle Oil
Truffle Oil from WA

The Wine & Truffle Co brought products from WA to the show, and whilst there were wines on offer I was more interested in sampling the truffle products. Available on the tasting table were the following items:

  • Truffle Sea Salt Flakes
  • Truffle Mustard
  • Truffle Tapenade
  • Truffle Oil
  • Truffle Honey w Hazelnut
  • Truffle Dukkah

My favourite flavours by far were the Truffle Tapenade and the Truffle Honey w Hazelnut; these were just the perfect flavour match.  These products are also available on their website with a 10% discount. In season it is possible to also purchase truffles!

Image of Truffle Hill Salt Flakes
Truffle Hill Salt Flakes

Most excitingly this producer also offers wine and truffle tours of the property, so it is not only about trying the product but also experiencing it in full.

The Urban Beehive

I found the urban beehive to be a really interesting exhibitor, they were located in the shady sustainable living section of the show.

Picnic at Taste of Sydney
Picnic at Taste of Sydney

This stand showcased honey collected from beehives positioned in various areas throughout the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Honey collected is not treat in anyway, simply extracted and strained so the bottled product includes some pollen and all the natural flavours of the honey.

The Urban Beehive Honey Jars
The Urban Beehive

Each jar of honey available for sale is labelled using the collection are.  There were jars on tasting and for purchase from areas such as Bondi and Marrickville. I find this amazing and it is something I feel I should also be trying to do at home given I have a lot more open space available than a rooftop garden or suburban yard.

Beer Hall!
Beer Hall!

The Beer Hall was our next stop, here Mr GG was in his happy place.  He sampled and bought beers from a lot of the producers. It is really reassuring to see the continued emergence of the boutique beer market. It erks me that the bigger players, Carlton, Fosters etc have jumped on the boutique band wagon and tried to fool the public by producing “facsimile Boutique Beer.”

Standing amongst these smaller producers the passion for beer was evident.

The Rocks Brewing Co

One of our favourites beer producers in the hall was the Rocks Brewing Co.  If the imagery on the labels seems a little strange then perhaps I should explain that the lads behind the labels are 5th and 6th generation convicts. Each variety of beer produced has its own colourful story to tell.

The Rocks Brewing Co Sign
The Rocks Brewing Co

…but it is all about the taste, so Mr GG lined up a tasting of three beers “the boxer” Red Ale, “the Governor Ale” a Golden Ale  and “the hangman” a Pale Ale.

Tasting 3 beers from Rocks Brewing Co
A trio of trouble from the Rocks Brewing Co

There is a story behind each of the beers which brings to life the early Australian convict heritage. Take a look at this page for a little more history about the colourful characters the beers represent.

Image of Rocks Brewing Co "Hangman" Pale Ale
Rocks Brewing Co “Hangman” Pale Ale

For Mr GG the Pale Ale was a winner and we are told it is the best seller.  I love all the marketing material the guys have come up with, I would drink the beer for this reason alone.


Image of Crabbies Stand
Crabbies Stand

Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer was another really cute stand in the beer hall. It was all retro-d up, and stood out for the colour, costume and theatrics of the display.

Image of Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer
Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer

The public were offered the opportunity to sample both products, the original alcoholic ginger beer which was refreshing and delicious and the Spiced Orange Ginger Beer.

Crabbies Spiced Orange Ginger Beer
Crabbies Spiced Orange Ginger Beer

The Spiced Orange Ginger Beer won my heart entirely.  It is the most delicious drink with a nice warmth of ginger and alcohol. Delicious, I could easily down multiple bottles of this over ice.

Image of Crabbies Spice Orage Ginger Beer Signage
Crabbies Spice Orange Ginger Beer Signage

To finish the day we found ourselves some comfy black bean bags under the shade and laid ourselves out, in this blissful bar area.  Husband enjoyed a beer or two at the bar and I just lounged… full belly, and content to have had a great day out.

Leaving the show I realise that we have neglected the sweeter options, with just the smallest of dessert spaces available we stop in at the very pretty Dilmah Marquee.

Dilmah Tea

Dilmah Signage
Dilmah Signage

The Dilmah Marquee had been set up for High Tea, complete with lovely table settings, teapots filled with flowers and other pretty styling details.

Image of Dilmah Tea TableSetting
Dilmah Tea Table Setting

I was more than ready for a lovely cup of Earl Grey Tea and Mr GG chose a Ceylon Spice Chai tea.  It is amazing how a nice cup of tea can give you that all over “aah feeling” I relaxed into my comfy chair and we ordered high tea. We chose the sweet option which included the following items;

  • Rose & French Vanilla Jelly
  • Ceylon Spiced Chai Fudge
  • Earl Grey Tea Truffles
Image of Dilmah High Tea Sweets
Dilmah High Tea

What a sweet and delicious end to a wonderful day!

Gourmet Getaways would once again like to thank Jeroxie from Addictive & Consuming and Stellar Concepts PR Agency.

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